July 17, 2011

T is Home!!!

T got home last night!!

I'm glad my kids had the chance to go do some fun things with family, but I sure started to miss them. T had a great time in Oregon with his cousins. He got a ride home with a friend who was bringing his son and two other boys to Utah to go to Jimmer Camp. They were nice enough to let T hitch a ride. This is a picture of them at the Salt Flats. So glad he's home!

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allison nadauld said...

It was such a treat having T here. He is an amazing young man. My kids LOVED him and still ask about him all the time. Nicole was glued to his hip for a while. You've done a great job Val. Sorry we didn't visit you while in Utah. We rarely see all of Aaron's family and it was filled with a lot of activities. I'll let you know when we go in December. Maybe we can meet up somewhere...temple square or something? Well, I sure love you. Send our love to all your family!