July 2, 2011

After the Storm

The other day we had a little freak storm come through. I was at the eye doctor with the girls for their check-ups and when I came out it was pouring rain. Weird. But, by the time I got home (about 4 blocks) the rain had stopped. As I pulled into my driveway, I noticed that there was a trampoline right in the middle of my neighbor's driveway. Then I realized it way MY trampoline. How on earth? I guess there was some major wind gusts and it picked that trampoline right up and flipped it over a 6-foot fence. I can't believe the fence didn't get knocked over. I called two of my dear friends and they came over to help me rescue the tramp. We rolled it down the driveway, flipped it back to standing position, and then carried it into the street and finally back into my yard. Some of my neighbors saw us and came over to help carry it, which was super nice. It was pretty bent up and sad looking at first, but I think we got it looking normal and it was even still "trampable" as S would say:)

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Amanda said...

That is insane!! I hope it is still ok to use!