April 10, 2012

Youth Conference

In February T went to his very first Youth Conference. He wasn't quite 14 yet, but the stake let him go because he would be turning 14 a week and half after. They went to Aspen Grove which is a church owned camp. DH went too. They had a great time. They had a motivational speaker come and talk to them who they both said was wonderful. I remember youth conference so well, and have great memories of those times. I can't believe T is now old enough to go and is making memories of his own.

April 5, 2012

Two Cuties

This picture is a little blurry, but I found it on my phone and had to post it.

Love these two cuties!

Science Projects

My SIL did a science birthday party for one of her daughters'. That same night we had our family party and she let all the kids enjoy the experiments. They were all interested in what was going on. She had some pretty cool things and put a lot of work into it.

T is 14, WOW

I'm a bit late with this birthday post, but on March 7th T turned 14. WOW! I can't believe it, but I seem to say that often these days. When I first asked him what he wanted for his birthday treat he said he wanted something with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. So, I started thinking what to do. Then he said he wanted cheesecake. He ended up with cheesecake topped with Reese's cut into pieces and sprinkled on top. He loved it! Happy Birthday T!

Utah County Fair

The 4th graders put on a county fair. They each had to research a county in Utah. Luckily J chose Salt Lake County so it was easy for us to find things to research. She did most of the research at school and then brought her information home and we put together a display with all her information. She also had to bring 3 items that represent Salt Lake County. She brought a Utah Jazz hat, a picture of the Salt Lake Temple, a jar of wheat (because SLC is known for producing wheat), and a Utah State decoration. Each student had to sit with their display and answer any questions that people had as they walked through. At the end of the night, all the 4th graders sang a song about Utah. It was a fun activity and I thought J did a great job!

Cute Friends

We went to some friends' house for a night of games and fun. These two cute girls wanted to go play in the snow and dressed up in whatever snow clothes they could find. That led to about 12-17 kids wanting to go outside. I was quite impressed that my friend was able to outfit that many kids. It was a night enjoyed by everyone.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

We had an FHE lesson on choosing good friends. I gave each of the kids a bowl of pasta that represented their friends. The pasta was plain when I gave it to them. Then we talked about bad choices some people make, like saying a bad word or dressing immodestly, and how those choices can effect us even if we don't notice it. So as we listed bad choices, I put in a few drops of food coloring and then had the kids stir their pasta. Soon all the pasta was colored. I think it was a good object lesson and really showed the effect that one bad thing can have on a group of people. The kids had a great time doing it, and I hope they learned something in the process!

T at School

I found this picture and thought it was pretty funny.
Oh, the things kids do at school!

April 2, 2012

FHE on Faith

M has been working hard on her Personal Progress lately. For one of her requirements she put together a family home evening lesson on faith. She did a really good job. She had scriptures, a lesson, visual aids, and a game. It was super cute. We made a "Tree of Faith" where we had to put "leaves" on the trees that said ways that we can increase our faith.

J and I made strawberry lemonade bars for dessert. Delish!