April 26, 2016

Sea Day 1

Cute girl enjoying the sun!

We spent some time in the library playing games!
Yahtzee was the game of choice for this cruise.

Once again, dinner was delish!

Alec & Ryan were big eaters on the ship. 
They ordered a lot of food and enjoyed every minute of it!

Enjoying the night life on the ship!

Half Moon Cay

Our first stop was Half Moon Cay, the Bahamas.  It's a private island that the cruise line owns.  We hung out on the beach that day and enjoyed the clear blue water!  They also had an island BBQ that we got to enjoy!

Spencer had fun playing with the underwater camera. 
I have lots of pictures very similar to this one!

The kiddos enjoying the water!


On our way to eat some delicious food!

The hubs and I!  The sun was super bright, so we have a lot of squinty eyed photos:)

A view of our ship from the shore.

Cruise Travel

Our long awaited time to travel for our cruise finally came!
We have been waiting and planning for a LONG time.  We took off Friday afternoon and drove to Vegas.  The flights were much cheaper there, so we thought we'd save a few pennies and drive the extra distance. 

We took a red eye flight, but it wasn't too bad.

First time flying for Jo & Spence!

The girls didn't waste any time getting into their swim suits! 

Getting ready to sail away!

Alec & Kelly came with us and we had a blast together!
They are good travel buddies.

The kids were pretty brave and tried a lot of new things:
conch fritters, ox tongue, and frog legs to name a few!

Our first of many yummy dinners!

April 16, 2016

California, Arcadia Mission

Elder Tanner Davies
California, Arcadia Mission
August 31, 2016

How can this be real?  I can't believe Tanner will be going on a mission in just a few months.  He is so excited for his call and to go and serve a full time mission.  I'm super excited for him too.  But, also a tiny bit sad, scared, nervous, happy, you name it.  I had a rush of so many emotions when I found out his call was in the mail.  This is what we've prayed and hoped would happen.  This is the direction we would have chosen for him.  We wouldn't want him to be doing anything else.  I know this is the right choice for him and I'm so proud of him.  However, my mom heart is breaking just a little bit.  Breaking that he is so grown up and ready to move on, breaking because I won't be able to talk to him and kiss him good night every night, breaking because I know everything is changing.  I know this is the plan.  I know that my Heavenly Father will give me strength, and I know that through faith and prayer all will be right.  I love this boy of mine more than words can describe.

April 13, 2016

CT Scan

This sickly thing had to take a trip to the hospital today for a CT.  The doctor was concerned that she might have appendicitis.  After several hours of waiting, insurance complications, and drinking yucky contrast fluid she finally went in for her scan.  No appendicitis!  Thank goodness.  She does have swollen lymph nodes in her intestines.  I didn't even know there were lymph nodes there.  Super weird.  She also has some fluid in her pelvis that was probably from a small ovarian cyst that burst.  She has been in a lot of pain, poor kid.  Luckily neither of those 2 things are too serious.  Just glad we got it checked out.  Better safe than sorry.