September 29, 2007


I just got online to check some blogs and S is watching "Cars" right next to me. He came up to me and said "Mom, what's the "a" word and then fault?" I asked him what he was talking about and he said, "asphault" and looked very worried because he had just said the "a" word. I explained that it was the road outside and that it wasn't a bad word. I think he felt much better and I got a good laugh!

September 26, 2007

Photo Shoot

My cute sister Andrea is going to beauty school. She likes to practice on my girls, and they of course love it. They think they are so big to get to go and get their hair and makeup and nails done. They always have a blast when they go with Andrea.

For one of her assignments she had to do a photo shoot with a client. She chose my girls as her clients. J got her hair colored and got a trim. She loves her hair. At first I thought it was too dark, but it's grown on me and I really like it. DH loves it. I'm not sure why I thought it was too dark because when she was born her hair was almost black. It stayed that way until she was about one and then it started to lighten up. So, we like the dark hair!
M had just recently had highlights put in her hair, so she didn't get any color done, but she did get a cut. I lover her hair short. It fits her. She had fun getting dressed up and getting her picture taken. She's always loved to be photographed. She's constantly wanting to be in pictures and is always ready to strike a pose!

September 24, 2007

Blog Girls Night Out

Friday Night I met up with some fellow bloggers for a girls night out. A much needed night out for me. We met at Chili's and ate a yummy dinner. I really enjoyed the good company. Afterwards, we went to the mall for Cold Stone! I love Cold Stone, it is very delicioso!
I never imagined that blogging would take me where it has. I started blogging as a way to keep my family informed on what was going on and to share pictures of the kids with them. Never did I think that I would eventually meet some very awesome girls and hang out with them in real life. I'm glad I blog and that I've made some really wonderful friends!

September 21, 2007

M's Tummy

About 4 or 5 years ago M had a hernia repair surgery. She was born with an umbilical hernia. The operation went well and with no complications. However a few years later when J was getting ready to have the same surgery, we noticed that M had a hard bump on the top of her belly button. It felt kind of like a little pellet.

We thought maybe it was puss and tried to pop it. That didn't work. I took her back to the surgeon who did the surgery and he said it was probably just some scar tissue, so he removed it. It grew back. Then my brother removed it. It grew back, again.

We had no idea what it was. It only bothered her when she bumped into something, but that was enough to try again to have it removed. When my brother came down for her baptism, I asked if he would try again. So, he did. We had our own little surgical center set up right in the middle of my living room. This time he cut deeper and as he was cutting we saw a dark line. I asked what it was and he said he wasn't sure yet and kept cutting. He finally figured out that it was a stitch that had been left inside of her from her surgery. The hard spot on the outside of her tummy was the stitch trying to work its way out. So, he removed the stitch.

At first I was very upset because that was left in there. I thought that only dissolvable stitches were supposed to be left inside. But, I was wrong. I guess sometimes they leave some stitches inside, but in this case hers tried to come out. Luckily there was never any kind of infection. I do feel bad that M had to be cut that many times though. So, my brother made her a new belly button and we haven't had any problems since!

One of the many advantages to having a brother who can help us out with our little skin problems! Thanks Alec!

September 17, 2007

A Puddle?

Last night right after I fell asleep, DH came in the room and asked me if I had been in the kitchen and spilled something. I sleepily answered him, "No". So, I rolled out of bed and followed him into the kitchen. There was something "spilled" all over the place. My guess was that S had to go to the bathroom and didn't make it. We went into his room to ask if he had just went to the bathroom, he answered yes. Then, my guess was confirmed, he peed right in the kitchen and went back to bed. I guess he thought he was in front of the toilet, when in fact he was in front of the kitchen table.

September 12, 2007


I went to drop J off at school yesterday and as I was walking down the hall I saw S's teacher. We stopped to talk how he was doing in class and she told me that things were okay but that he had an embarassing moment at school that day. Not long after that S came peeking around the corner with huge alligator tears in his eyes and a very sad face. Apparently he had to go to the bathroom (#2) really really bad. He couldn't get the door locked and so he just shut it and went to the bathroom anyways. Then two boys came and opened the door on him, on purpose, and just laughed at him. They continued to do this. My poor little S was so sad. He was so embarassed. I know I'd be embarassed. So I gave him a big hug and lots of kisses and told him things were going to be okay. He kissed me back, put on a brave face, and walked back into class for show and tell. Poor little guy.

September 11, 2007

I remember

I remember.

However, this morning as I sleepily got out of bed this morning and opened the blinds I saw the flag in my yard waving proudly. I thought to myself, why is our flag up. Then I remembered. I will never forget that horrible day.

Kids got up and asked why we had a flag in the yard. I told them because it was the day that the planes crashed into the Twin Towers years ago. They know the story well. Even at their young ages they are hurt by what happened. They are sad for those who lost their lives. They, like us don't know why someone would do something so horrible.

As I think of that day it brings tears to my eyes. Our country was forever changed. I am thankful each day for the men and women serving our country to protect our freedom.

I remember.

September 8, 2007

Playing Catch Up


My life has been crazy. I've got so much to post. I can't find my camera so I'll have to post pictures later. Here's a brief recap of my life the last 2 1/2 weeks:

~kids started school; T is in 4th, M is in 3rd, S is in 1st, and J will be going into Kindergarten

~got the gross swimming pool parasite (yeah, the nasty one that's been going around from kids peeing and pooping in the pool)

~J turned 5 (my baby, it's crazy)

~J started Kindergarten

~started packing, got a horrible head cold, got the parasite AGAIN, kept packing


~dealt with lame landlords, finished cleaning the old house and was done with that



~oh, and did I mention unpacked?

~switched bills, addressess, utilities

~soccer started, 4 games a week

~girls started dance (M made dance team! She is so excited. J is taking jazz)

~DH spoke in sacrament, and of course did a wonderful job

~my friends' husband got ordained an elder and then blessed their baby, it was a very special experience

~internet guy came, I was gone for 2 minutes and missed him

~internet guy came the next day and couldn't figure out how to hook it up (why is he the internet guy?)

~unpacked and a week later the internet guy came back and finally got it hooked up!!!

~got some cute furniture at IKEA (love that store!)

~decorated with some new stuff from Rod Works (love that store too!)

~attended random dinners, BBQ's, and game nights

~finally got to blog!!

~got everything but our bonus room upstairs all unpacked!!

So that's the brief version. I'll expand on a few of these in the near future!