June 25, 2012

Big Screen

For our May family party we rented this cool place called "Big Screen".
It was a big building with "big screens" all over the walls with Kinect games.  I can't remember how many screens they had, something around 11 I think, all with different games.  It was a blast.  Even the adults had fun playing.  My favorite was dancing and volleyball.  I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed their time!

M doing a bit of dancing.

Not sure what they were playing, but I do know they were
having a blast!


Dance Off

Big group of dancers.

June 22, 2012

A Little Summer Reading

Just finished reading this series.
I was surprised how much I liked it!

Reading this with S, we are almost finished.
Then on to Book 3!

J and I are reading these cute Princess Tales  books.
They are cute, fun, and easy.

Just finished this and really liked it.
I will be reading more of her books.

I've heard these are really good, so I started it last night.
We'll see.

June 20, 2012

Fancy Nancy Fun

The girls made up their own Fancy Nancy game.  There were different stations set up all around their room.  They were very excited to play.

The first station was dress up.
They had all the clothes set out ready to go.

Next we played a game.

Here are our girls.

Makeup Station

We also played a card game.  They had a nail station set up, but we didn't get to it because we had to go to church.  I love spending time with my girlies!

S got his Arrow of Light

Last night S got his Arrow of Light!
He worked very hard and was super excited to finally get his Arrow of Light!

All of these boys got their Arrow of Light

Getting my Mother's Pin


June Family Party at Peteetneet

For our June party we rented the slide at Peteetneet Academy!
It's tons of fun and the kids young and old all enjoy the slide!

J with her dad!

A few of the crazy boys!


Somehow this is the only pic I got of M.
Oh well, better than nothing!

Some of the boys were playing football on their way down the slide.

We brought a tube to slide with and that was a big hit!

Madalyn is the only one with a June birthday, she was excited to open her gifts!

Ward Campout 2012

 We always love going to the ward campout.  I was a little better at taking pictures this year, but not great.  The kids wanted to go early so we got there around 1:25ish.  We made a fire and roasted hot dogs for lunch.  Then the kids wandered around and played.  I read and then DH and I spread out a blanket and laid on the grass while we waited for the rest of the ward to come.  It was fun being there and greeting people as they got there.  We were a little spoiled this year and didn't have to sleep in a tent.  We bunked up with some friends in their super nice trailer.  It was fabulous!  I didn't get cold or end up on the hard ground because of an air mattress going flat.  There was no complaining from kiddos in the middle of the night.  It's the way to camp!


T and his friend building a lean-to that they slept in.
Boys are crazy!

It's always fun to throw rocks into the water.

M & M

So grateful for such great friends!

T & Zac

A little campfire action.
The scouts got up early and cooked breakfast.
T did the bacon.

S cooking pancakes.

It was lots of fun for all who came!

Culture Night

For R.S. last month we had culture night.  I so nicely volunteered my mom to do Russia.  She did a great job!  She talked about some Russian cultures and we made some yummy Russian food for all to try.  It turned out to be a successful night and it was fun learning a little bit about some different countries!

Hiram Fong

For S's end of year program the 5th grade put on a wax museum.  Each student chose a state and a significant person from that state to research.  S chose Hawaii and Hiram Fong.  They did an awesome job!  Here is his speech:

"Hi, my name is Hiram Fong.  I was born October 15, 1906.  I was the first Asian-Hawaiian U.S. Senator.  I was the 7th of 11 children.  I was a great politician.  One obstacle I overcame was that I went to Harvard. Harvard cost a lot of money so it was hard on my family because we didn't have a lot of  money.  I died August 18, 2004."

June 13, 2012

Competition 2012

Well another year of competing and performing has come to a close.  The girls did a really great job this year.  I always enjoy watching them perform and seeing their progress.  It was a very busy year, but they loved it!


Something Kinda Ooh

Dare You To Move


Kids, again.

The Promise
The Takeover
This was probably one of my favorite dances she has ever performed.
It was fun to watch every time they did it, I loved it!

June 12, 2012

Art City Parade

S got to be in the parade with his karate group.  He loved it!  We were sitting at the end of the parade route and he still had a smile on his face.  Love that kid!

Still Smiling

Caught in Action

Yellow to Orange

S has been loving karate.  He practices at home and doesn't like to miss class. 
 Last Friday was his belt promotion.

Blurry photo, but had to include a picture of him doing part of  his testing.

Just received his orange belt.

Group photo.

Orange Belt!

June 7, 2012

Sliced Thumb

The other day I was upstairs doing laundry and I heard T yell that he cut his thumb and needed stitches.  He wasn't really crying so I thought maybe he was joking.  He told me he was serious so I went downstairs and sure enough he had sliced his thumb right open and it was bleeding.  We washed his thumb in the sink and put some pressure on it to see if the bleeding would stop.  Once I could get a clear view of it I was pretty sure that it needed stitches.  So, we headed to the doctor for the second time that day.  We had been there earlier so that J could get her cast replaced. The doctor took a quick look and said, "Yep it needs stitches."

He got 4 stitches and watched the entire time.  Crazy boy.

Thumbs up for stitches? I guess so.