June 20, 2012

Ward Campout 2012

 We always love going to the ward campout.  I was a little better at taking pictures this year, but not great.  The kids wanted to go early so we got there around 1:25ish.  We made a fire and roasted hot dogs for lunch.  Then the kids wandered around and played.  I read and then DH and I spread out a blanket and laid on the grass while we waited for the rest of the ward to come.  It was fun being there and greeting people as they got there.  We were a little spoiled this year and didn't have to sleep in a tent.  We bunked up with some friends in their super nice trailer.  It was fabulous!  I didn't get cold or end up on the hard ground because of an air mattress going flat.  There was no complaining from kiddos in the middle of the night.  It's the way to camp!


T and his friend building a lean-to that they slept in.
Boys are crazy!

It's always fun to throw rocks into the water.

M & M

So grateful for such great friends!

T & Zac

A little campfire action.
The scouts got up early and cooked breakfast.
T did the bacon.

S cooking pancakes.

It was lots of fun for all who came!

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