September 26, 2016

Tanner's Farewell

Well, the big day of Tanner's farewell finally arrived.  We had a lot of family and friends who came to support him.  It was amazing to see everyone who was there.  Tanner gave a wonderful talk and already sounded like a missionary.  I know he's going to do a fantastic job.  Ryan volunteered to be the other speaker and did a great job as well.  He always does.  He has a gift when it comes to speaking.  I loved his talk.  The whole sacrament program ended up being very nice.  After sacrament we went to the park for breakfast and visiting.  There were a ton of people there.  Next time I'll need to plan for a bigger crowd.  Luckily we had enough to feed everyone.  Towards the end everyone wanted to have their picture taken with Tanner.  I love how much support was shown to him!

My cute missionary!

My cute kids.
They grew up way too fast.

Love this family of mine!
I feel so blessed to have the promises of eternal families!

September 25, 2016

Eagle Scout

Tanner barely made it to Eagle Scout.  He got his project done in March, but really procrastinated on the paper work.  Luckily he squeaked it in at the last minute. 

I'm so proud of Tanner for accomplishing this.  Our scout master said that only 3% of scouts become an Eagle Scout.  I had no idea that number was so low.  One boy down, one to go.  The court of honor turned out very nice.  We had a fun slide show, there were some nice speakers, he was presented his Eagle, and it was an all around nice honor for Tanner!

Andrea and her cute family came for the weekend to support Tanner!

Reggie & Spencer 

These boys love their cousin!

Proud mom & dad moment

Tanner with Grandma & Papa

September 24, 2016

Jo Turns 14!

August was such a super busy month for us.  Jo's birthday was on a Saturday and we threw in a quick present opening moment in between errands in the morning and Tanner's Eagle court of honor in the evening.  I think she was happy with her spoil this year!  After the court of honor we headed to Golden Corral at the request of Jo for a birthday dinner celebration.

My cute sassy, spunky, 14 year old!

14 things:
~her smile
~her booty
~she's very energetic
~she loves to cook
~she loves her family
~she's sassy and sweet
~loves to cheer
~loves to listen to LOUD music
~is making good friends
~she's creative
~she loves the Lord
~she has a sweet spirit
~her laughter
~she's my baby girl

September 22, 2016


I had my knee scoped on the 18th and Tanner had his wisdom teeth out on the 19th.  We stayed on the couch like this together for several days.  Both of our recoveries were kind of rough, but at least we got to do it together.  Tanner was such a big help to me.  It was easier for me to sleep on the couch, so we would stay up late watching movies and fall asleep in the middle of them.  Then we would sleep in in the mornings because we didn't sleep well at all.  I had several alarms set all day and all night that we would wake up to.  Pain meds for each of us, anti-inflammatories for both of us, antibiotic for T, nausea med for me, stool softener for both of us, Benadryl to stop the itching caused by the pain meds.  We were like a little pharmacy.  I was the keeper of the meds, and he was the drink getter, ice machine filler, and even helped me get up so that I could go potty.  We made quite a good team.  It was nice for me to spend that time together even if it was because we were both out of commission for a little while.

Aren't we pathetic?
At least we were pathetic together!

Stuff that Happened in August

FINALLY, an update!
My sister will be so proud!

Jo & her cute cousin Nina went to Education week.  At first they were both thinking that they would try to survive one day.  They weren't super thrilled to be going.  But they ended up having a blast!  Big thanks to Sarah for taking them.  It was just what Jo needed right before a new school year.

They got to meet Brad Wilcox who they said was an excellent speaker!  I love that there are programs like this for our youth to enjoy and to be uplifted.  In this crazy messed up world that we live in, it's just what they need!

I found this old picture of the two of them from several years ago and had to take a screenshot of it just because it is just too darn cute!

My beautiful, fun, talented, graceful Kenzie!

Jordyn is my sassy, energetic, crazy, sweet girl!

And, Spencer who is tender-hearted, fun-loving, busy, and smart!

School started, and of course I was not ready for that.  I really just enjoy having my kids home.  I love the time we spend together.  I love not having homework, or bed time, or trying to get them up in the morning.  I love late night movies or walks outside.  I love the easy going care-free time that comes with summer.  But, I guess it has to end at some point.  Kenzie is a Senior this year and is super excited and ready to enjoy her last year of high school.  Jo is a Freshmen.  She started at a new school this year and I'm excited and anxious to see how it works for her.  Spencer is a Sophomore and so ready to be in the high school scene.  I have high hopes that it'll be a successful school year!

We finished up some mission shopping, suit altering, and supply getting.

Penny had a late night with us and had an agenda planned that included dancing, making cookies, doing makeovers, painting toes, reading stories, hugs and laughter.  Love that Penny girl!