September 22, 2016


I had my knee scoped on the 18th and Tanner had his wisdom teeth out on the 19th.  We stayed on the couch like this together for several days.  Both of our recoveries were kind of rough, but at least we got to do it together.  Tanner was such a big help to me.  It was easier for me to sleep on the couch, so we would stay up late watching movies and fall asleep in the middle of them.  Then we would sleep in in the mornings because we didn't sleep well at all.  I had several alarms set all day and all night that we would wake up to.  Pain meds for each of us, anti-inflammatories for both of us, antibiotic for T, nausea med for me, stool softener for both of us, Benadryl to stop the itching caused by the pain meds.  We were like a little pharmacy.  I was the keeper of the meds, and he was the drink getter, ice machine filler, and even helped me get up so that I could go potty.  We made quite a good team.  It was nice for me to spend that time together even if it was because we were both out of commission for a little while.

Aren't we pathetic?
At least we were pathetic together!

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