September 22, 2016

Stuff that Happened in August

FINALLY, an update!
My sister will be so proud!

Jo & her cute cousin Nina went to Education week.  At first they were both thinking that they would try to survive one day.  They weren't super thrilled to be going.  But they ended up having a blast!  Big thanks to Sarah for taking them.  It was just what Jo needed right before a new school year.

They got to meet Brad Wilcox who they said was an excellent speaker!  I love that there are programs like this for our youth to enjoy and to be uplifted.  In this crazy messed up world that we live in, it's just what they need!

I found this old picture of the two of them from several years ago and had to take a screenshot of it just because it is just too darn cute!

My beautiful, fun, talented, graceful Kenzie!

Jordyn is my sassy, energetic, crazy, sweet girl!

And, Spencer who is tender-hearted, fun-loving, busy, and smart!

School started, and of course I was not ready for that.  I really just enjoy having my kids home.  I love the time we spend together.  I love not having homework, or bed time, or trying to get them up in the morning.  I love late night movies or walks outside.  I love the easy going care-free time that comes with summer.  But, I guess it has to end at some point.  Kenzie is a Senior this year and is super excited and ready to enjoy her last year of high school.  Jo is a Freshmen.  She started at a new school this year and I'm excited and anxious to see how it works for her.  Spencer is a Sophomore and so ready to be in the high school scene.  I have high hopes that it'll be a successful school year!

We finished up some mission shopping, suit altering, and supply getting.

Penny had a late night with us and had an agenda planned that included dancing, making cookies, doing makeovers, painting toes, reading stories, hugs and laughter.  Love that Penny girl!

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