May 25, 2015

National Champs

Jo's first year of cheer was a huge success!  
They won and were national champs in their division!  

High Altitude White Out 

National Champs

My girls have always been good at supporting each other, love it!

Drill Team 2014-2015

Kenzie has had a blast with drill this year.  I was a little nervous because she has danced for so many years, but's she's loved it.  And I've loved watching her.

Zombie dance for Halloween


My favorite dance this year was their kick routine to 
"Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens"!
Too cute!!!

Soccer & Surgery

Tanner made the Varsity soccer team this year and was thrilled!!  He really loves playing soccer and is quite a good player.  Unfortunately his shoulder was not doing very well.  It kept hurting and popping out.  We were finally able to get him in to see a surgeon and to have an MRI.  The results showed that he had a torn labrum and needed to have surgery.  We let him choose when to do the surgery because he would have to miss a sport no matter what.  He decided to do the surgery as soon as he could.  I told him he could wait until after the season, but he told me that he hurt everyday.  I knew that it must be bad if he was wanting to do it during the soccer season.  I guess there really is no good time to have a surgery.  If he had waited he would've missed club soccer and so on with the next sport and the next.  So, we scheduled the surgery and he played in a few games and he played hard!

Here he is pre-surgery.  Still smiling.  The surgery went really well.  The tear was actually worse than what they thought.  The labrum was torn all the way around.  So, they fixed the tear and then put 7 anchors into the bone to hold it in place.  He was pretty funny coming out of surgery.  We tried to take pictures but the nurse made us put the camera away.  The first few days to a week were pretty tough.  Lots of pain.   A lot of people have told us that shoulder surgery is a rough recovery.  He was in an immoblizing sling for 6 weeks.  He did really well with the sling and had to learn to do things left-handed and got pretty good at it.  He stayed home from school for 2 weeks, then we had spring break, so he was able to rest for 3 weeks before going back to school.  I was nervous to have him go and be around everyone, but it went really well.  He was so happy to have the sling come off!  Now he's doing physical therapy 3 times a week and the therapist is very happy with his progress.  He said he's ahead of the game which is what we like to hear!  Hopefully things will continue to go well and he will be back to doing everything he loves.  It's been a long hard road, but he's doing great and I'm so proud of the way he's handled everything!

May 24, 2015

Drill Tryouts 2015

Tryouts were earlier this year than last.  Kenzie was super nervous because we got a new coach.  Tryouts went really well and she made it!!!  She was beyond thrilled.  Matt is the new drill coach and we are so excited!  He is an amazing choreographer and has some great plans for the team.  He is going to work the girls hard this year, but I'm sure it will all pay off.  

Kenzie and Morgan, so fun for them to be on drill together this year!

More California & Tanner's 17th

While Kenzie & I were in California for the drill trip, Ry, Spencer,and Jo were also in California.  But they were there for Jo's cheer competition.  Crazy that they were both the same weekend.  So, we had to divide and conquer.  Ry took the kids to Knotts Berry Farm, and from what I hear they had a blast! The next day they went to the competition, and then headed home.

While we were all gone to California, this handsome boy turned 17!!!  I felt horrible that we all missed his birthday.  He stayed because he couldn't miss soccer.  It was unfortunate that the weekend was so busy and it was all on his birthday.  Luckily friends and family took good care of him.  
I can't believe my boy is so grown up.  

Drill Trip 2015

For the drill team trip we went to California in March.  We went to Disneyland/California Adventure for 2 days, went to the beach, went to see Wicked, did some shopping, and had lots and lots of fun!

The girls performed one of the days.  

Of course we had to get a Dole Whip, my all time favorite Disneyland treat!!!

Love my Kenz and love that she wants to take pictures with me!

So proud of this girl and all that she's already accomplished.

Anna, Ama, and the boys met us there one of the days.  

Cute Kenzie!

This was the group of girls that we were with most of the time. 

Kenzie & Leilani

The beach was beautiful!  
The only downfall was that we didn't get to spend a ton of time there.

The girls took a dance class while we there,  I think they all really enjoyed it. 

Wicked was amazing!  I loved it.  This was my 2nd time seeing it and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time.  I'd even go again.  Kenzie loved it too.  So fun!

The trip was a huge success. 
We loved every minute of it!

May 22, 2015

St. George in February

We went to St. George for a soccer tournament.  It's always nice to go there and enjoy some sunshine.  We watched several games of soccer.  I know we won some and we lost some, but good times were had by all.  I've been a bad picture taker lately so I don't have much to show, but here is a quick view of Tanner running on the field.

Utah Storm

We went to Snow Canyon and did a little hiking/walking.  There were slot canyons to explore, rocks to climb, trails to walk, and nature to enjoy.

In one of the slot canyons.  I actually had a really cute family picture of us, but have no idea what happened to it.  Spencer really was with us, but for whatever reason he isn't in any of the pictures:(

Checking out some of the Pioneer names written on the rock.

My girls enjoying smoothies for lunch!

One night the kids wanted to hike the "Dixie", so we called our friends who were also there for the tournament and they met us there.  It's a pretty quick hike and the view is beautiful! 

On top of the "Dixie" rock.

MRI & Baby Boys

Tanner going in to have an MRI to figure out what is going on with his shoulder.  He had been having a lot of pain since October when his shoulder popped out. Poor kid. 

Baby Lew-Left
Baby Marshall-Right
February was a busy baby time!  I love babies, always have, always will.  There is something so special and magical about babies.  Knowing that they came straight from our Heavenly Father is priceless.  They smell divine!  They cuddle and grimace!  They depend on you whole heartedly.  Simply put, they are amazing!

Sweethearts 2015

It is tradition here that in order to ask someone to a dance you have to be very creative.  Tanner got asked to Sweethearts via a treasure hunt which ended in a "puzzle".  He had to unscramble the letters to figure out the name of the girl who asked her.  I thought it was very fun and clever.  He responded by getting some cookie dough and sticking a fork in it. 
 His poster read, "If you're forkin' out the dough, I'll GO!!

Here they are all ready to go.  They went on a day date earlier in the afternoon and then headed to the dance.  After the dance their group of friends went to a church to play some games.  He came home and said that they had a great time.  I love to see my kids growing and making fun memories.  Crazy to think that next year Kenzie will be going to Sweethearts too.

January 2015

I'm  really good at hurting myself.  It's almost embarassing.  I was at work using the giant paper slicer and sliced my thumb right up.  I ended up with 3 lovely stitches.

Jo and her friend a their first cheer competition.  They did really well and had a blast!  It's been fun watching her succeed at this.  She really did way better than I had expected. 
 I was pleasantly surprised!!

 I love this family!  They are so awesome.  Their oldest got baptized and then afterwards we went to their house for a luncheon.  Sure love those boys!

For student council, Kenz had to do a "Be The Change" project, where you choose something to do that will benefit the community.  She decided to clean up trash on the trail at the park.  We decided to help her out and so we did it on FHE (minus Tanner because he to work)  I was surprised at how much we found.  People walking the trail were so cute, they would thank us for what we were doing.

T had a soccer tournament in Mesquite.  The other kids had various activities that they couldn't miss, so I had stayed home with them and Ry and Tanner went to the tournament.  I think it was good bonding time for the 2 of them.  Tanner scored the only goal for their team during the tournament!!

I often find cute pictures on my phone, mostly from this one.  
I'm so lucky to be her mom!

December 2014

It's crazy how life gets busy and time passes so quickly.  I've been a horrible blogger.  I'd really like to be better because it's a great way for me to "journal" some of our daily happenings.  
So, here's to trying to be a little better.

Family Fun Times

Handing out toys and gift cards at Macey's
This past December it was our turn to be in charge of the family service project.  We decided to do daily acts of service.  Some of things we did were: hand out popcorn as people rented Redbox movies, send notes to friends & neighbors, hand out gift cards, and toys.  It was a really awesome experience.  The kids liked seeing the reaction of those being served.  One family in particular really had an impact on me.  It was a husband, wife, and 2 small children doing a little grocery shopping.  One of the kids went up to the mom and handed her a gift card and said, "Merry Christmas".  At first she was unsure what to do, but then she took it and immediately started crying and thanking us.  It wasn't much, but it helped that family.  To see the joy on her face was simply priceless.  I think this experience was good for all of us and even though it won't be our turn to be in charge this year again, I think this might be something that our family does just because it was such an amazing thing to be a part of!!  Giving  is SO much better than receiving.

We went on a double date with Tanner & Holly to Temple Square.  We rode Trax there, had dinner, and then walked around and looked at the lights.  It was beautiful and we had a really great time.  I'm not quite sure how Holly felt, but hopefully she had fun too!

Our family Christmas Eve party is always so much fun.  We eat delicious food, open our new jammies, sing songs, laugh, and this year we watched a few videos together.

Christmas morning always comes very early for us.  I think it's the only day Tanner is the first one up and is poking the other kids awake.  The kids all seemed very happy with their loot.  Luckily they are always grateful for what they get.  We spent the day being lazy and then went to my parents house for a traditional Russian dinner.  It was yummy and fun to try new foods.  

2014 ended well!!