January 10, 2017

Christmas Eve Festivites

We headed to Grandma and Papas in the early afternoon to decorate cookies with the Correas!
Everyone was so excited that they finally made it to Utah.  We sure miss having them close to us.

These 2 brownies are so cute!  Noah LOVED using the sprinkles and Reggie is such a sweet boy.
We had fun decorating with them.

Spencer and Papa decided to go geocaching instead.  They weren't very successful, but had some good bonding time.  Those two have had a special bond ever since Spencer was just a little baby. 
I love that it's still going strong.

In the evening we went to Grandma Davies' for our annual Christmas Eve party. 
We ate way too much, laughed, cried, opened our jammies, had treats, sang songs, and listened to Grandma Davies as she expressed her love for each of us.  What a perfect ending to the day!

We watched our Nativity slide show and then sang some Christmas carols.

Bonus picture of the cutest missionary ever with his new companion!

And one more of Kenzie with her purple hair!
Love this girl of mine.

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