January 12, 2017

Christmas 2016

We are usually super early risers on Christmas morning, but this Christmas was a little bit different.  We had church at 9:00 and we had a "smaller" Christmas, so we slept in a little bit.  We woke up around 7ish to a very white snowy Christmas.  We opened stockings and talked as a family for a little bit.  Then, Spencer and Ry were off to shovel driveways.  There was A LOT of snow and it took a long time.  Then, we were off to church.  We only had sacrament and it was lovely.  The choir was in charge of the program and I thought they did a very nice job. 

After church, we came home, most of us got back into jammies and we finished exchanging gifts.  Everyone was very happy with their Christmas.  The best present of all came around 11:30!  We got our video call from the greatest missionary ever!!!!  He is doing fantastic and loving his mission.  We got to chat for a little over an hour.  It was so great to see his cute smiling face and to hear his voice.  Boy, have I missed that!  He looks great, sounds great, and said that he is really enjoying his mission.  He said it's the hardest thing he's ever done and that they are busy all day long until their heads hit their pillows.  It did my heart good to see him and talk to him.  I do wish I could've reached through the t.v. to give him a huge hug.  For now I'll hold on to what I have.  Now, we are on the countdown to Mother's Day~ 122 days!!

We went to Grandma and Papa's for Christmas dinner.  Ange, Yoho, and the boys were there.  So, was Michael and JaNee with their kids, and Sierra!  I love getting to spend time together with family.  We exchanged gifts there, ate a delicious meal, and enjoyed being together.  River is getting to be such a little chunk!  I love it!

Grandma had the little reenact the nativity.  They were darling.

Michael is not a little, but did get to be the donkey. 
What a good daddy!

Love this picture and love these people!

Our most recent family picture!
Everyone was so happy to talk to him, it was so hard to push that "End" button:(

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