July 30, 2009

July 29, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

We took the kids to see HP while we were in St. George. They liked it. I thought it was okay. I liked the book way better of course, but it was fun to go as a family anyways!

July 25, 2009

Such A Funny Game

We played this game at my MIL's house. Each person had to put a nylon on their head. At the end of each nylon was a ball (not a hard one, kind of like a nerf ball). Then, without using your hand you had to swing the ball around and try to wrap it around your opponents. Once they were "locked", you would try and pull your opponents nylon off their head. It was hilarious to watch. The kids loved it, and so did the adults. I 'll have to remember this one for birthday parties for sure!
M and Aubrey took their turn!

J and her cousin Jaxon giving it a try.

T & S have a go at it!

July 23, 2009

Name That Clown

We went to a party at my MIL's the other night and all took turns dressing up as a clown.
Can you name that clown?






Spray Park

J enjoying the water!

T hanging out!

S is always throwing signs in all his pictures.

These boys had so much fun!

We took the kids to the spray park in downtown St. George. They had a blast.
April and I on the other hand roasted. We were sitting in the shade and still had sweat running down our faces, backs, you name it. It was hot. When we got in our car the temperature was 111 degrees. Crazy. We were so glad to be in a cool house with a nice drink of ice water!

Enjoying Our Time

Photo op with Brigham Young himself!

Outside Brigham Young's Winter Home.

We are enjoying St. George SO much. Thanks again to Jeremy for his accomodations!
We can't seem to get the kiddos in the house for one minute.

July 21, 2009


So, the kids and I are in St. George, shopping, swimming, and relaxing. Hubby is in New York, I'm slightly jealous. I hope he's having fun!

~Hopefully I can post pictures soon!

July 17, 2009

M's Photo Shoot

M & H took these while H was here. They had so much fun together and we already miss them so much. The girls were little models the whole time they were together. They were constantly dressing up, putting on make-up, trying on shoes, dancing, and taking lots of pictures.

What cute girls!!

July 15, 2009

Hiking the Y

A view of the Provo Temple from the "Y".

I was so proud that J actually made it.
She's kind of wimpy when it comes to hikes or anything super athletic.
But, she did a great job and was so excited to be on the "Y".

T,M, and S were loving their time up there.

This morning we hiked the "Y" with our Idiart cousins. The kids have been wanting to do this for a while and were so excited that we were finally going to do it. The boys got up to the top quickly and had to wait for the rest of us slow pokes to catch up. It is quite the hike. I think I should do it like twice a week. It would totally be good exercise. Sarah is hilarious. She was making me laugh the whole time. I'm glad we've had the opportunity to get our kids together.
Monday the kids spent the night at my house. Then, yesterday Sarah came to pick the kids up and took them swimming, then to Chuck-E-Cheese, and then let them have another sleepover. It's been party central. The kids are all getting along great and having a wonderful time. Tomorrow we'll be heading to 7 Peaks for some more swimming fun!

July 14, 2009

Grotto Trail

The Grotto Trail

Zac and T climbed up to the top of the waterfall!

What a cutie.

The girls were just a little bit cold.

S was the first one to brave the cold.

Last night for FHE we went to hike the Grotto Trail with some friends. At the end of the trail is a beautiful waterfall. The kids stripped down and tried to brave the cold. The water was pretty chilly. They would take turns running out there and trying to go under the waterfall. They had a great time. It was a fun break and the kids had a blast!

July 13, 2009

Short Call to Long Call

On June 14th DH got called to be the Elders Quorum President. That was a short lived calling. Yesterday he got sustained as the 2nd counselor in the bishopric. I have a feeling this calling is going to last longer than a month. A LOT longer. I know this is a good thing, and I was not at all surprised, but it is very overwhelming. I know he'll do a great job and we will be blessed for it. I only hope we (or I) will survive. I know this is what we are supposed to be doing, and I know Heavenly Father will help us if we follow his commandments.

July 12, 2009

Mary Kay

All the girls looking so beautiful!

J & Morgan

Cute cousins!

I had a small Mary Kay party a while ago, and the girls were dying to have one where they could do their make-up too. So, I finally broke down and let them have a mother/daughter party. The girls had a great time putting on make-up and playing together. They were quite the beauty queens when we were done!

Dani's Baby Shower


Yummy food which included a chocolate fountain!

I made her a diaper cake as her gift. It was very fun to do.
It was the first time I'd ever made one, so I was very nervous,
but I think it turned out ok!

We had a baby shower for Dani last week. It turned out so nice. There were a lot of people there, and baby Tatum got a ton of cute things. Dani is the cutest pregnant person ever. Her belly is so cute and tiny. We all can't wait until Tatum is here. Only about 6 more weeks!!

July 11, 2009


It rained a little bit today. More like drizzled. And, afterwards there was this beautiful rainbow!

July 10, 2009

M's Birthday

Birthday Girl!

M turned 10 on the 8th. I know I say it often, but I can't believe how fast my children are growing. She is such a sweet girl. She is very reliable and willing to help. After breakfast I took her shopping. It was just the two of us, and we had a great time. She picked out some cute dance clothes and then we went to the mall and went to Claire's for some jewlery, make-up, and fake nails. What more could a girl want?!
She chose to eat at Tucano's, which is a favorite. So yummy!
Afterwards we went to 7 Peaks to enjoy some more swim time. She had a great birthday until the very end of the day when her ipod was so rudely stolen. I felt really bad for her. She kept crying and saying how stupid she was. It was very sad. Other than that, her birthday was a success and she had a really good day.

July 9, 2009

H's Photo Shoot

The girls have been having a great time taking pictures of each other. Such cute little models!

July 7, 2009

7 Peaks

We've been enjoying a lot of swimming fun at 7 Peaks!
MSL got all the girls these cute matching swimsuits.

July 6, 2009

Little Baby

She is so easy going, she just hangs out.

Happy Baby

4th of July

Yummy donuts!

We just can't get enough of baby Natalia! She is SO cute and kissable. We love her to pieces!