May 12, 2009

APX Party

My sis Ange invited the kids and I to go to her works summer kickoff party on Saturday. It was a blalst. It was by far the best work party I've ever been to. When we first got there everyone got a new shirt and we entered our names in for drawings.

There were a ton of bounce houses, slides, and mazes for the kids to play on. It was catered, and the food was so YUMMY! BBQ is not my favorite, but this was good food! There were also scones and snow cones. You could have as much as you wanted. I think each of the kids had at least 2 or 3 snow cones.
There were a ton of drawings for prizes. M won a hat. I won skullcandy, which I guess is supposedly some really good expensive headphones. I'd never heard of them before, shows how much I know. I probably won't use them, so I guess I'll try and sell them. Ange won some luggage worth like $300. It really was a great party.
They had a cash cage where you stand in one of those boxes and cash blows all around and you have 30 seconds to catch as much as you can. Well, all of my kiddos got to go in there. They thought that was the best ever. Combined they "caught" $98.00!!
We stayed for a long time and just hung out. The kids had a blast winning prizes, playing, and eating. It was a great way to spend a Saturday while DH worked.
Ange is such a good Auntie going down the slide with J!!
This was the only picture I got of S. The rest of the time he was out running and playing. I could barely get him to hold sort of still for this one picture.

May 9, 2009

Cub Scout

S finally got to go to Scouts!

He's been waiting and waiting for this day, and had a great time.

May 8, 2009

Hope of America

T got to be part of a huge performance at BYU. It was called "Hope of America". The kids sang some great songs. There were also some dances and a slide show. He had a great time performing. Some of the songs they learned in sign language. It was a nice tribute to America!
(T is in the middle section, fourth red row up, in case anyone was wondering!)

"It's Like in the 70's"

J has been coming home from school almost every day asking if she can get out the slip-n-slide. I keep telling her that it's not warm enough yet. She doesn't agree. Finally the other day she asked and I said no again. She then said "It's like in the 70's!" So, I finally gave in. They had a great time, although they didn't last very long. Crazy girls!

May 6, 2009

Look Who's 8!

Yesterday my little Cinco de Mayo baby turned 8. How the heck did time go by so quickly? This guy has been waiting to be 8 so that he could be baptized. We had a short little celebration because yesterday was super CRAZY, but we will redeem ourselves. He was happy to get his presents: scriptures with name embossed, scripture bag, scout shirt, scout book, and "wolf" slide. He was thrilled with his gifts and was smiling all day long.
S is my little trouble maker. He drives me absolutely crazy, but I love him SO much. He's got a great smile and the most tender heart. So, when he goes through his little crazy-naughty moments it's so hard to be mad at him. He puts on that little charm and gives me a big smile and then it's so hard to stay mad.
Happy Birthday Bubba!