March 14, 2009

I Love This Guy

When we were in Cali., my FIL had some clothes out for DH to try on and have if he wanted. This particular pair of pants were hilarious on him. They are bright blue, stretchy jeans! He added one of his dads' shirts, his fishing glasses, pushed out his gut and striked a pose. We were cracking up. This is how it usually is with my hubby. He is always making people laugh.

March 13, 2009

Natalia's Blessing

Natalia's blessing was so nice. My brother Alec was able to bless her, and did a wonderful job. She looked beautiful in her dress. This is the same dress that my sisters' and I all wore on our blessing days. My girls wore it too and some of Txmommy's girls did. I was so glad that we were able to go and share this special day with Em and Natalia!

March 11, 2009


I can't believe I have an eleven year old. CRAZY! T turned 11 last Saturday (the 7th). He is growing up right underneath my nose. He really is a good boy. He's smart, even though he is a big procrastinator and hates homework. He is a great helper and adores his dad. I am so glad that he is part of our family, what would we do without him?
T loves babies and little kids. He always has. When M was born he was only 16 months old, but he held her and loved her and was super gentle with her. That has been the case ever since. He loves to hold babies and is happy to sit there and hold a baby for a long time. And, kids love him. It's very cute. Here he is with his newest cousin Natalia!
My birthday boy, with a sports cake, of course!
T just finished a season of basketball. He loves sports, just like his dad. He had a really awesome season and was the highest scorer at each game!

T recieved his "Arrow of Light" award. He worked so hard for this, and was so excited to get this award. This is the highest award a boy scout can receive. Now, he's on to 11 year old scouts.

Love you T!

March 10, 2009

"Happy Birthday, Mom!"

This morning I was taking a shower, and was interrupted by my kiddos and hubby singing "Happy Birthday" to me. They were also carrying a plate of breakfast for me. Apparently last night the girls had planned to make breakfast for me this morning. When the boys heard the noise in the kitchen they got up to join in on the fun. It was the cutest thing ever. They were so excited to give it to me, and I loved it. It was probably one of the best surprises ever. My breakfast was complete with toast with butter and jelly on it, oranges, a pickle, and some gummy worms. What a great breakfast! I know you're jealous! I've got some great kiddos!