July 31, 2012


 We went to see Wicked on Saturday!  It was awesome.  I've been wanting to see it for years and was finally able to go.  It was worth the wait, I loved it!  

So excited to go!

I got to see an amazing show with some amazing girls!

July 29, 2012

Sleepover with Tate

I don't love sleepovers.  In fact our kids aren't allowed to do sleepovers unless it's with family.  Well, Tate has been wanting the girls to have a sleepover.  So, in June she got her wish.  I think it's so cute that she likes them that much.  The girls were excited to go and I'm pretty sure everyone had fun!
The girls were spoiled and got highlights.
 Even Tate got a little piece done.

Getting ready for bed.

Night night!

24th Fun

We celebrated the 24th of July this past week.  The morning started early with the big parade.  Dani, Greg, and Tate met us for some fun.  The girls gathered lots of candy, we ate muffins, and enjoyed good company.
After the parade D, G, and T left and we were off to the carnival.  I don't love the carnival, but the kids each had a ticket for a free ride.  So, we let them go have some fun.  Then, Mom and Dad met us for some yummy pizza.  After lunch we headed for home to relax and play some games.  Then we were off to Grandma Davies house for a BBQ.  Next on the agenda was fireworks.  That didn't end up working out the way we had planned, but that's ok we had a great day anyways!

Enjoying the parade.

DH off to man the BBQ!

New Skechers

So, I've been having all kind of lame problems lately.  My left knee has really been bothering me so I've been favoring my right side.  Well, because of that I now have plantar fasciitis in my right foot.  It feels like pins and needles are going into my foot.  Not a fun feeling.  I got a surprise gift the other day, these Skechers!  Let me tell you they are making a huge difference!

Lemon Blueberry Muffins

These are T's favorite muffins and he is always asking for them.
I will have to agree with him, they are quite delicious!

In Idaho

We drove to Idaho a few days after the 4th to spend some time with Alec, Kelly, and Katie and then to go to our family reunion.  We got there late Saturday night.  Sunday morning we went to church and then came home to celebrate M's 13th birthday!  I can't believe I have 2 teenagers now.  She reminded us that this was her 3rd year in a  row that she has been away from home on her birthday.  I guess that's what happens when you have a summer birthday.

M blowing out her candles on her cute Princess cake that Alec & Kelly got her.

She was so sure she was going to get an ipod touch for her birthday, so
instead we wrapped a can of sardines for her to open!
She was a good sport about it and after a minute we let her open her ipod.

Monday morning I had the brilliant idea to go on a hike.  We hiked up to the top of Table Rock.  It was SO hot.  We were all super sweaty.  J and I were about to quit but we kept encouraging each other to keep going.  We were so happy to finally make it to the top.

Taking a rest on the trail, trying to get a little bit of shade.

This was at the beginning of the trail where we were still smiling.
Yay!  We finally all made it to the top!

Looking down on Boise.

After the hike we went to the store and got stuff for lunch and then went home to eat.  We were all still hot and sweaty that we decided to cool off in the pool.

All the kids jumping in.
I love how different each of them pose.

After Alec got home from work the boys all went golfing.  They had a great time!

S was so excited to finally get to go with the guys!

Nice swing T!
While the boys went golfing the girls went to Cheesecake Factory, YUM!  
Then we went shopping so M could use her birthday gift card.

On Tuesday DH, Kelly, and I went to see Al at work so we could have a few things done.  Then the 4 of us went to a chinese buffet.  I sure love spending time with them.  They are so much fun to be around and we always have a great time.  

Wednesday morning we headed off for our reunion!

Where Did July Go?

July has been packed with many fun and wonderful things.  

We finished off June and started July in Vegas.  The girls and I headed there with Grandma in tow.  M competed in Nationals there, and for some reason I have no pictures of that.

It was hot and we all enjoyed the pool!
Giant shoe with a big sign that said "No Climbing on Shoe", OOPS!

We were so excited to go eat at the Wicked Spoon, but when we got there it was closing.
What kind of buffet closes at 9:00 in Vegas?  We were pretty bummed.

Next came the 4th of July.  We started the morning bright and early and met with family to watch the balloon festival.  We each brought a breakfast and settled in to watch the balloons take off.

It's always fun to see all the colorful balloons in the sky.
After the festival we did a small hike up the Grotto Trail.
 It's a  simple yet fun hike that all the kiddos love.  

The water is freezing and only a few brave the cold.
S wanted to be super brave and went face first.

I think this means he has super powers!

Me and my man!

For some reason this picture cracks me up.
We saw several deer on our way down.  Very cool!

After the hike we found a place to stop and have a picnic.
T caught a snake and had fun scaring us with it.

Next we all went to Grandma Davies house to finish last minute preparations for our upcoming family reunion.  After that we headed to some friends house for a BBQ and fireworks.  It was a fun and exhuasting day had by all!

July 1, 2012

Plane Crash

My brother Alec was in a plane crash yesterday.  These are the before and after pictures of the plane.  It's very upsetting to hear news like this.  We all feel so blessed and grateful that he is alive and okay.  I know the Lord was watching after them and protected them.  Love you tons!