November 30, 2006

I won!

I actually won a drawing !! My chiropractor was doing a drawing, and for every appointment you kept in November, your name got entered into a drawing. The prize was these beautiful hand-carved pilgrims, a $40 gift certificate to Ottavio's and a $5 g.c. to Borders Grill. I was soo excited. I don't usually win things. But, I guess when your family has been to the dr. about 30 times in one month, the odds are pretty good. DH and I have only been to Ottavio's once and it was so yummy. I think I'll save them and use them for our anniversary dinner at the end of December. I guess one good thing did come out of all those appointments.

November 29, 2006

Another Allergy

Poor M has had kind of a tough time these last few days. Because she had that infection in her mouth the dentist put her on an antibiotic. After a huge break out of hives we discovered that she is allergic to amoxicillan. She is also allergic to sulfa. I feel so bad for her. Her rash really bothers her and she is uncomfortable when things rub against her. But, it's getting better.

Yesterday I took her in to the dentist to have a pulpotomy, where they cleaned out her tooth and put in a new filling. They said the filling was pretty deep and they hope it'll stay otherwise the tooth will need to be pulled. She also needs to go see an orthodontist because she has so many gaps where other teeth have been pulled. So much fun for us.

And then today she had to go to the chiropractor. She's getting better, but is still in pain off and on. I counted this morning and I think between everyone in our family we've gone to the chiro. about 30 times this month. Oh, well we're getting better and that's all that matters. Hopefully M won't have much more happen, she needs a break.

Vinegar, Who Knew?

Last week I was doing laundry and when I went to put the clothes in the dryer they were very stinky. So, I washed them again. Didn't do a darn thing. I discovered that I had some very smelly dish rags in there (a little embarassing to say). While I was getting ready to wash them for the third time I was also talking to my very wise sister. She told me to put vinegar in the wash. It worked like a charm!! Now my rags smell fresh and clean!

November 28, 2006

First Snow

Last night we got snow. Technically it wasn't the first snow, but it's the first time this season that it has actually stuck to the ground. I think when it snows it makes the holiday season feel like it is actually here. It is also very beautiful.

When we woke up this morning everything was covered in white. We got a good 3-4 inches during the night, which means the snow is here to stay. All the housetops and the trees are decorated with a lovely white.

Although the snow makes everything pretty, it also makes a lot of mess. I wasn't quite ready for the wet clothes, freezing toes, hats, gloves, mud, more laundry, shoveling, leaving early, and all the other "fun" things associated with snow. But, it's here, and we may as well enjoy it.

November 27, 2006

Christmas MeMe, Come Play With Me!

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Definitely Both!
2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Wrap.
3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? Colored!!
4. Do you hang mistletoe? Sometimes. We don't have any yet this year, but the kids keep asking when we are getting some, so I guess we better!
5. When do you put your decorations up? After Thanksgiving.
6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? I don't know if I have a favorite because I love holiday food so much. But, I really love sweet honey glazed ham. Also, one of our family traditions is to have those little beanie weenie's in a sauce, so YUMMY!!
7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child: Loved going to San Francisco with my family every year. We always had so much fun!!
8. How and When did you learn the truth about Santa? I don't remember really believing in him. We always opened gifts after Christmas Eve dinner and the packages sat there for days ahead of time so we would rummage through the pile whenever the grown-ups weren't looking. So he never made sense but I didn't mind.(This was really my sisters' answer, but it works the same for me!!)
9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? We always get new pajamas to open and then we wake up in our cute new jammies. Some years I make them, but I didn't this year.
10. How do you decorate your Christmas Tree? With a bunch of different ornaments; ones from when I was a child, from DH, things the kids have made. They get a new ornament every year, so those are also on there.
We don't have a "theme" tree, just a tree with lots of memories and love!
11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? Depends. Love it for those first couple of days. It can be very messy, gets everything and everyone cold and wet. But, the kids love it!
12. Can you ice skate? Yes.
13. Do you remember your favorite gift? Christmas 1996, my present actually came 2 days later, but I was sealed to my sweet husband for time and all eternity in the Los Angeles Temple!!
14. What's the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and spending time with the people I love. (Another ditto from my sis!)
15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? Homemade carmels!
16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? I have a few: We always have a big Christmas Eve dinner with DH's side of the family, and we exchange famiy gifts that night. We also get our new p.j.'s! We make tons of homemade candy every year, and everyone loves helping and eating!
17. What tops your tree? A silver star.
18. Which do you prefer giving or Receiving? Both.
19. What is your favorite Christmas Song? I love all Christmas music! I really love "Christmas Shoes"

Okay, now it's your turn if you read this please take a moment and share some holiday thoughts and leave me a link so I can read yours.

November 24, 2006

Gratitude Day ~ Take 11

It's been a while since I've posted a gratitude day, not because I don't have anything to be grateful for, but simply because I've been trying to recover while also trying to make sure my kids are well taken care.

With Thanksgiving just yesterday, I've thought a lot about the things that I'm grateful for. I feel so blessed to live in this land where we are free to choose for ourseleves. There are so many men and women out there fighting for our freedom and I'm thankful for them everyday.

I'm grateful for the restored gospel, and that Joseph Smith followed the promptings of the spirit so that we could have the plan of salvation and work toward celestial glory.

I'm thankful for my family near and far. It was so fun to spend yesterday with DH's family. We always have such a great time together. Everyone was here except for his youngest sister. We had 9 adults, and 13 kids! Very busy, but very fun! It was a blast. Andrea also came and we are always so glad to have her here. D and G came over about 10:30 last night because D really wanted to have apple pie, and they didn't have any where they had dinner, so she said she really needed some. I'm thankful that people feel welcomed in my home.

I'm thankful for:
~the innocence of children
~huckleberry pie
~an empty laundry basket
~family movie night
~Gordon B. Hinkley
~DH, T, M, S, J
~modern medicine
~the gospel
~warm sheets
~a hand to hold
The joy of enjoying
And the fullness of living
Are found in the heart
That is filled with thanksgiving.

-Helen Steiner Rice

November 20, 2006

My Dad

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. I wish I could've been there to celebrate with him. My dad is so awesome. I could never have asked for a better dad. He's always been there for all of us and has always set such a good example to me. He's an amazing father, friend, teacher, leader, priesthood holder, listener, & the list could go on and on. I feel so blessed to have been sent to a family with such loving parents. I really miss living close to him and get so excited when we get to see each other. This primary song fits perfectly for me even though I'm not a child anymore, I still get so excited to see him!

I'm so glad when daddy comes home,
glad as I can be.
Clap my hands and shout for joy,
then climb up on his knee.
Put my arms around his neck.
Hug him tight like this.
Pat his cheeks and give him what?
A great big kiss!!
Happy Birthday Pops!!

November 17, 2006

Don't Put That ________in Your________!

This is something I've had to say several times in my life. J made it official today that I have now said that to each of my children at least once. We were enjoying a nice quiet evening when all of sudden J started crying. I asked what was wrong and S answered, "She put that thing from the end of a pen up her nose." Luckily I've had experience in this department. I got some toilet paper, plugged the nostril that did not have a foreign object stuffed up it, and told her to blow hard. She did and the little pen end started to poke through. Then, we got tweezers and pulled it out. What a relief for poor little J. Then I told her "Don't put things in your nose!"

We've also had peanuts, erasers, and candy up noses. Candy & rhinestones in ears. The rhinestones ended in a trip to an ear, nose, and throat specialist where they had to flush her ear out. I now own a nice long syringe so that I can flush ears out all on my own (I could be a dr.)!

Our worse incident was when we had a marble in a place that would not be appropriate to mention. I was sooo mad. I told the sweet little angel to, "SIT ON THAT TOILET AND POOP THAT MARBLE OUT AND DON'T GET UP UNTIL IT COMES OUT!!!" Thankfully we have never had a repeat of that incident and hopefully we never will.

A Letter

I went out to the mailbox to mail a letter this afternoon and I noticed that the little red flag was up. I hadn't mailed anything for a while, so I was curious to know what it was. There was an envelope inside with nothing written on it and no stamp on it. So, I opened it. Inside was a post-it-note with a picture on one side and on the other side it said, "Weston From S".

I saw S writing a note yesterday and then he asked for an envelope. I thought he was just going to give it to Weston in class today. It was so cute. He went and put it in the mail all on his own. He even knew to flip the flag up. What a cute kid!

P.S. For some reason blogger is not letting me comment on everyone's blog. It is so dang annoying. I'm still reading your blogs and hopefully soon I'll be able to comment.

One Year Ago

This time last year I was laying in a hospital room, feeling scared and alone. I had to have a hysterectomy. I had had several problems and the doctor finally said that having a hysterectomy would be the best solution to all my problems. So, reluctantly we agreed.

I kind of got the best of two worlds though because I only had a partial hysterectomy. Which meant they left my ovaries but took out my uterus and my cervix. So, I didn't have to take hormones, but I still didn't have a period! It's been so nice not having to deal with that every month. On the other hand, I've had some hard times off and on in the last year. For a while when I saw someone pregnant it felt so strange to me, knowing that I could physically not do that anymore. Not that I wasn't happy for the person, just a little sad for me. I always wanted to have a big family, but being healthy for the family that I have was more important to us than taking any risks to have another baby. Who knows, maybe adoption is in our future!

All in all the surgery was good for me. I've felt so much more energized than I had for a while. I'm not as tired anymore. And the risks of any more seizures have actually gone down. It's weird how they are connected, but I guess because I was losing sooo much blood and my body wasn't restoring it, it caused everything in me to become desensitized. This lessened my senses making me have blurring vision, headaches, the shakes (which could lead to seizures). Now all that is gone! I know that I was supposed to have this surgery. It hasn't always been easy but it's been a blessing to us. Sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways.

November 15, 2006

One More Appt.

Monday M told me her mouth was hurting, and then showed me where. She has a huge infection in her mouth. GREAT. Not only do we go to the chiro. a million times a week, now I get to take her to the dentist too. Being the bad mom that I am, I forgot to call until today. When we got there he said he would put her on an antiobiotic for 10 days and then she would have to come back in for a pulpotomy (no clue if I spelled that right). If that didn't work they would have to extract the tooth. Mind you she is already mission 5 teeth right now. Poor M. Then two weeks later, T & M both have to go in to get sealants and M has to have a cavity filled. I have no idea where they got such horrible teeth. I blame it all on DH. I have perfect teeth.

November 14, 2006


I love to read. I don't always get as much reading time as I like. However lately I've been able to read a lot more than usual. Since the accident I haven't been able to do a whole lot of anything else. So, I've been reading. I just finished "Rebecca" by Daphne DuMaurier. It was a great book. I really enjoed it. This summer I read, "Baby Catcher", "The Secret Life of Bees", and "My Sister's Keeper"; all of which my sister recommended, and all of which I enjoyed.

Some friends of mine kind of tried to start a book club, but it hasn't worked out as well as we would've liked. I've still read the books though. The first one we read was Charles Dickens', "A Tale of Two Cities". I'd never read it, and a lot of people said it was so wonderful. It was a very hard book for me to read. The language he uses is so different than what I'm used to. I did end up liking it, but it wouldn't be one I would read again, and it wasn't one of my favorites. We also read "Year of Wonders" by Geraldine Brooks. It's a novel about the plague. It actually turned out to be a book I really enjoyed, and one I would recommend to others. For next month we are going to read "Christmas Shoes" and "Two from Galilee". I'm really looking forward to reading both of these and hope that we might actually get to meet about them this time.

For my own pleasure I just started "Almost Sisters" which is an LDS fiction. It sounded interesting from the cover, so I decided to read it. I'm also trying to read "Marriage, For Better not Worse" with DH. It's an interesting book and has a lot of tips. We read better together when we're taking trips to pass the time. So, we haven't read from it for a while, but I'd like to try and read a little with him everyday. Then of course, I'm reading "The Book of Mormon". Sadly I have to admit that I haven't been as good at it as I should. We read the childrens' version with the kids and then I often don't read on my own. I really need to change that. Last year I was so good, and got it read by the end of the year. Time to crack down and read again. Maybe I'll try reading in the morning before I start waking everyone up for the day.

Primary Program

On Sunday we had our primary program. This was the first year that all four of our kids were in the program. It felt very strange to sit there on the bench with just DH and I. It was also very nice. The program turned out very nicely. The kids all did a great job. M had a solo part to sing. I thought she might get a little scared once she was up there, but she proved me wrong. She did an amazing job. She's always singing, so I'm not surprised. They learned how to sign "Search Ponder & Pray". The whole primary did a really good job doing all the signs. One of my favorite songs they sang was "We are Children". It's not in the songbook and I really want the words to it.

Like usual I got a little teary. I know part of it was that I felt the spirit coming from all of those sweet little children. Another part was that all my kids were up there. They are all growing up so fast. I can't believe they were all up there. I'm glad they are learning and growing, I just can't believe how fast time flies.

November 13, 2006

D's Bridal Shower

We had D's Bridal Shower on Saturday night. I thought it turned out very nicely. When everyone came we had them get food and sit and talk. We had pretzel salad, spinach dip, pinwheels, cookies, cheese balls w/crackers, candy, & soda. I thought all the food turned out so yummy, and it was all almost gone, so other people must have thought it was yummy too! We also had cake after the shower was over.

We played several games. Bridal Shower Concentration is one of my favorites. You make a memory board and then put different wedding related words on them such as: engagement ring, wedding night, band, in-laws, etc. When a person gets a match, they win a candy bar that relates to that word. Engagement ring = ring pop, wedding night = skor, band = symphony, in-laws = nerds, and so on. It's a very fun game, and everyone ends up with a prize. We also played the game where you put things on a tray and let people look at them for a minute or two and then cover it up and see who can remember the most things. We put different items in brown bags that were things you could find in a kitchen, and passed the bags around. You had to guess what was inside the bags, by feeling them from the outside. And then we also played the game where you ask questions to see who knows the most about the engaged couple. They were all very fun!

After all the games, D got to open her presents. She got a few household things; glasses, canisters, a fondue pot w/forks, measuring spoons, peelers, rubber scrapers etc. Our cousin gave her a really nice mirror and one of those boards that have sayings on them. She also got a lot of lingerie, which she really wanted. I remember getting lingerie. I don't wear it very often anymore, but I loved having it when I was first married. I guess I would wear it more now if I had the body I had then. Anyways that's a whole other subject.

I'm really glad that I got to help at her shower, and I hope she had a wonderful time. I'm glad that I get to be here and be involved in all the wedding plans. It's so much fun, and it brings back memories of my wedding. Our 10 year anniversary is coming up next month. I can hardly believe it. Time sure flies when you're having fun! I wish D a long and happy marriage. I know that if they put the Lord first in their marriage, and always stay close to each other that their marriage will be blessed far more than they could ever imagine.

November 11, 2006

Easy Caramel Corn

I love this recipe! It's so easy and so so delicious!
1 bag corn pops (not the cereal, I buy the brand Barrel 'O Fun)
2 sticks of butter
2 cups brown sugar
1 cup karo syrup
1 can sweetened condensed milk
Put corn pops in a plastic bowl.
Combine butter, brown sugar, and karo syrup in a pot on the stove. Bring to a boil and boil for 4-5 minutes, without stirring. Add sweetened condensed milk and boil for additional 2 minutes while stirring. Pour over corn pops (I usually only use about 3/4 of the bag, because I like them really gooey!).
Store in an airtight container, if you happen to have any left over.

November 10, 2006

Our Chiropractor

Since the accident we've been going to A LOT of chiropractor appointments. I've been going abut 4 times a week, DH 3, and each of the kids once or twice. Which equals out to about 12 a week. I feel like we live there. Luckily we have a wonderful doctor. He really is a great guy, and you can tell he cares about helping us feel better. The kids get a kick out of going, and he's great with them.

They turn his x-ray lights off and on, play with the controls on the table, sit in his chair, wear his coat, sit on his desk, play with the insturments, take business cards, and he doesn't even care. I've apologized several times, and he just laughs and says he loves it. I'm glad we found someone who is willing to work with us, and who is so great with kids. He even adjusts T's back even though he wasn't in the accident. T didn't want to feel left out.

Hopefully we continue to get better. I know it'll be a long haul, but at least we have someone great to work with.

November 9, 2006

Name Game

Chel from Happiness is Everything tagged me for the name game. I hope she's not too disappointed since I don't say the first names of my children and I don't really have great stories, but here they are:

My first born T. Even before I got pregnant I knew what I wanted my first son to be named. Like most dads, DH wanted him to have the same name as his. I thought this would be too confusing. He disagreed, but in the end we stuck with T. However, his middle name is the same as his dads first name.

He's a great kid. Full of energy and excitement all the time. He loves to play sports, invent things, build things, explore, get dirty, tell jokes, and all the other fun things that goes along with being a boy!

Then, there's my little pumpkin M. We debated between two names for a long time, but M won out in the end. Her middle name is Ann, which is the same as mine. Her name fits her so well.

M is soo soo different than T. She's ALL girl. She is very thoughtful and sensitive. She's always thinking about the needs of others. She writes little notes to everyone all the time, just to say "Hi" or "I love you". She's such a sweetie.

She loves to dance, paint her nails, put on make-up, try new hairstyles, play house, play school. Like I said complete opposite of her ALL BOY brother.

Then, we come to S. We didn't have a name picked out for him right until the very end. We went through a lot of different ones, including Hunter, Brendan, Carson, Riley, Ryker (which I like but DH didn't). In the end, and I mean the very end we decided on S. For his middle name, I really wanted to name him after my dad John. My dad is one of my heroes, so John was the perfect name for my son to have.

He is one rowdy kid. He keeps me on my toes 24/7. He is probably the busiest kid I've ever met. If he's not jumping on the couch, he's breaking things, drawing on things, playing in the dirt, flushing toys down the toilet, building, playing swords, doing flips, dancing on the table, trying to cook, etc. etc. My list could go on and on and on. He also has a very tender heart. He can be very loveable and cuddly when he wants to. I don't know what my life would be like without him.

And last, but certainly not least we come to J. When I was pregnant with M we had the debate between two names. J was the other one, and we still liked it so that was what she got. We actually almost named her Piper, which I still love, but J fits her well. Her middle name is Alexandra after my brother Alexander. He's a good brother and a good friend.

She is a firecracker. She too is very sensitive, but unlike her sister she'll stand her ground. She's learned how to defend herself. I guess with 3 older siblings, she kind of needed to learn how.

She is my cuddler. I love cuddling with her. She gives hugs and kisses to everyone all the time. She loves to dance, cook, dress-up, put on make-up, and wants to be like her big sister.

I love my kids. I feel so grateful that Heavenly Father sent them to me, and that I have the opportunity to raise them. I hope they will remember happy times at home and that they will always feel loved!

November 6, 2006

They Danced

I had music playing in the kitchen a little while ago, and S and J started dancing together. It was so cute. We all love to dance. I tried to upload the video, but it wasn't working. The picture doesn't give justice to how cute they were, but it's better than nothing. They danced together for a long time.

Preschool Mail Lady

Once a month each parent is required to help during preschool. I love my turn. I've always enjoyed going and helping out in my kids' classes. I feel more like I know what is going on. J just loves preschool. During playtime, one of her favorite things to do is dress-up. I thought she looked so adorable in this mailman (but for her we call it mail lady) costume. She delivered "mail" to everyone. I'm so glad she is enjoying her time in preschool and loves learning!

November 5, 2006

Raingutter Regatta

For scouts the other night they had the raingutter regatta. Each boy got to make their own boat. T made the "Black Pearl". He did a really good job painting it. He won several of the races. All the scouts enjoyed themselves a ton. It's so fun to watch T learn and grow. I think he is really enjoying scouts, and it makes him want to set and achieve goals. I can't believe how much he's grown and that I have an eight year old. Time sure flies.

T really is a good kid. Sometimes I wonder if I come down too hard on him. He's really testing the waters right now, trying to see what he can and can't get away with. I'm trying to be patient and teach him in a loving way, but it's not always that easy. I only want the best in life for him. He's smart, creative, sensitive, athletic, and gets along well with people. I pray that he continues to have the desire to stay close to the Lord, and that I can help him in any way he needs me to.

November 2, 2006


There is no other love than the love of your sister!
Sisters share a closeness no one else can understand. . . A sister’s always there to give a hug or lend a hand. Sisters are the best friends in the whole wide world, it’s true. . . And that friendship is a blessing that lasts a lifetime through. ***

November 1, 2006

Our Halloween

The kids woke up so excited to get going with all the Halloween Festivities. They got ready for school quickly and without any fighting!! I'm sure this was all due to the fact that they got to wear their costumes to school, and I told them if they fought there would be no trick-or-treating. So, we had quite a pleasant morning. S had a parade in the morning, which was so much fun, and then T and M had a parade in the afternoon.

After school we hurried and got homework done. Auntie Ange came over to do the girls hair and make-up. They love being pampered by her. M was a Monarch Butterfly, and J a Halloween Fairy. I'm pretty sure J will be wearing her fairy dress everywhere we go for the next little bit. She LOVES dressing up.

S of course chose to be a superhero again. This year Robin was the winner. He is also one who will be seen wearing this day in and day out, no matter what time of year it is.

I tried and tried to convince T to be something "funny" or something "cool". However he had other things in mind. He wanted to be something "scary". So, we got him a cloak, an ax, and painted a scary face. This was his definition of "cool", everything else was dumb or for a baby.
We went to Grandma's and then went to Payson to go trunk-or-treating with some friends. It was a very chilly night. DH and a friend took the kids around the neighborhood, while I went and warmed up (usually I love to go with the kids, but I'm fighting a yucky cold right now). After that we hung out with some friends for a little bit. Then we headed back home and hit a few of the houses that the kids really wanted to go to.

Their buckets were filled to the brim. I think we have enough candy in the house now to last for a year. When we got home they examined their goods and then headed for bed. I'm pretty sure once their heads hit the pillows they were fast asleep!