November 1, 2006

Our Halloween

The kids woke up so excited to get going with all the Halloween Festivities. They got ready for school quickly and without any fighting!! I'm sure this was all due to the fact that they got to wear their costumes to school, and I told them if they fought there would be no trick-or-treating. So, we had quite a pleasant morning. S had a parade in the morning, which was so much fun, and then T and M had a parade in the afternoon.

After school we hurried and got homework done. Auntie Ange came over to do the girls hair and make-up. They love being pampered by her. M was a Monarch Butterfly, and J a Halloween Fairy. I'm pretty sure J will be wearing her fairy dress everywhere we go for the next little bit. She LOVES dressing up.

S of course chose to be a superhero again. This year Robin was the winner. He is also one who will be seen wearing this day in and day out, no matter what time of year it is.

I tried and tried to convince T to be something "funny" or something "cool". However he had other things in mind. He wanted to be something "scary". So, we got him a cloak, an ax, and painted a scary face. This was his definition of "cool", everything else was dumb or for a baby.
We went to Grandma's and then went to Payson to go trunk-or-treating with some friends. It was a very chilly night. DH and a friend took the kids around the neighborhood, while I went and warmed up (usually I love to go with the kids, but I'm fighting a yucky cold right now). After that we hung out with some friends for a little bit. Then we headed back home and hit a few of the houses that the kids really wanted to go to.

Their buckets were filled to the brim. I think we have enough candy in the house now to last for a year. When we got home they examined their goods and then headed for bed. I'm pretty sure once their heads hit the pillows they were fast asleep!


Amanda said...

Sounds like a great Halloween. I love the bribing part! I had to do that to. "I am this close mister to making you stay home tonight!" It worked! LOL

Nettie said...

What fun costumes! My oldest is like T, wants something scary or gruesome. It kind of takes the fun out of it for me on helping with the costume thing.

I think its great you let them wear their costumes after the holiday. Makes it worth it all the time and/or money that goes into them!