November 20, 2006

My Dad

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. I wish I could've been there to celebrate with him. My dad is so awesome. I could never have asked for a better dad. He's always been there for all of us and has always set such a good example to me. He's an amazing father, friend, teacher, leader, priesthood holder, listener, & the list could go on and on. I feel so blessed to have been sent to a family with such loving parents. I really miss living close to him and get so excited when we get to see each other. This primary song fits perfectly for me even though I'm not a child anymore, I still get so excited to see him!

I'm so glad when daddy comes home,
glad as I can be.
Clap my hands and shout for joy,
then climb up on his knee.
Put my arms around his neck.
Hug him tight like this.
Pat his cheeks and give him what?
A great big kiss!!
Happy Birthday Pops!!


CHEL said...

awe... that's adorable! I love that song too! That was a very nice tribute to your dad.

Nikkie said...

That is such a sweet tribute to your dad.

itybtyfrog said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

That's so wonderful to hear. I am such a daddy's girl. My dad will always have that special spot in my heart.

adwina - said...

Happy birthday to your daddy! He's handsome :).

And those words are beautiful. I'm a daddy's girl too. But he'd died almost two years ago. I was pregnant with his first grandchild when he died.

So... you'll going to visit him soon? I hope so, dear...

Since you present him with the song, I have something for you too...

I think Digging the Best out of Us as Parents would be a wonderful little present for you, your friends and families. Hope you enjoy it!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


Liam's Mom - Gina said...

I sing this song on our way home from the sitter to see Daddy...

Great post!