November 29, 2006

Another Allergy

Poor M has had kind of a tough time these last few days. Because she had that infection in her mouth the dentist put her on an antibiotic. After a huge break out of hives we discovered that she is allergic to amoxicillan. She is also allergic to sulfa. I feel so bad for her. Her rash really bothers her and she is uncomfortable when things rub against her. But, it's getting better.

Yesterday I took her in to the dentist to have a pulpotomy, where they cleaned out her tooth and put in a new filling. They said the filling was pretty deep and they hope it'll stay otherwise the tooth will need to be pulled. She also needs to go see an orthodontist because she has so many gaps where other teeth have been pulled. So much fun for us.

And then today she had to go to the chiropractor. She's getting better, but is still in pain off and on. I counted this morning and I think between everyone in our family we've gone to the chiro. about 30 times this month. Oh, well we're getting better and that's all that matters. Hopefully M won't have much more happen, she needs a break.


Gabriela said...

Ugggh, I'm so sorry. I hope she's not allergic to all antibiotics, that wouldn't be good.

I thought last year I was allergic to the penecillin family, but I have figured out since, when I spend too much money, it totally stresses me out and I break out in hives! Who knew?

Pulpotomy? ewww. My daughter had 2 last summer. It cost us $1000.

I hope M gets a break soon!

(Could you post one of your holiday candy recipes that works well?? I would love to try it. I am intimidated by candy.)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Aw, wishing wellness your way! At least you are smart to go to the chiropractor as a family!