November 15, 2006

One More Appt.

Monday M told me her mouth was hurting, and then showed me where. She has a huge infection in her mouth. GREAT. Not only do we go to the chiro. a million times a week, now I get to take her to the dentist too. Being the bad mom that I am, I forgot to call until today. When we got there he said he would put her on an antiobiotic for 10 days and then she would have to come back in for a pulpotomy (no clue if I spelled that right). If that didn't work they would have to extract the tooth. Mind you she is already mission 5 teeth right now. Poor M. Then two weeks later, T & M both have to go in to get sealants and M has to have a cavity filled. I have no idea where they got such horrible teeth. I blame it all on DH. I have perfect teeth.


Lei said...

ugh. dental issues are for the birds! (who ironically have no teeth) so sorry!

txmommy said...

poor little M