August 29, 2012

Youth Temple Trip

Our youth went to Manti for a temple trip.  I had never been inside the Manti temple and I always love going to see different ones. They were able to do baptisms for the and confirmations.  The temple is very small so there needs to be a lot of helpers.  I got to help hand towels to the kids as they came out of the font.  Another leader mopped the floor and one changed the floor mats.  It was nice to be inside to watch the kids and to be able to help with the Lords work.

The Boys

The Girls

August 28, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Well, the first day of school has come and gone and so has the first week.  We weren't really ready for school to start, but I don't know if we ever are.  I think we are once again getting the hang of things.

T is a Freshman.
 I can't believe T is a Freshman this year.  I very clearly remember my first day of high school, I even remember what I wore.  I had a blast in high school and I really hope T does too.  He also started seminary.  They are studying the New Testament this year and I think he's pretty excited for that.  It will be a  big year for him in many ways, a lot of big milestones for him!  He plays on a club soccer team this year and is doing well.  He plans on trying out for the high school soccer and basketball teams.  He is also busy with Young Men's and Scouts.  He is working his way towards Eagle!!

M is going into 8th grade.

 M is always such a pleasant person to be around.  She just kind of goes with the flow.  She likes her schedule and is eager to learn new things.  I think she will do well again!  She of course will be very busy with school work and 12 hours of dance each week.  She has gotten to be quite a good dancer, I love to watch her.  She is also working on her Personal Progress goals.  She just earned her Faith ribbon which makes 2 and is working on Knowledge.

Big Bad 6th grader.

S is the king of the school this year.  6th grade, WOW!  S is a free-spirited, tender-hearted, intelligent boy.  He keeps busy with karate and is looking forward to basketball season.  He also keeps busy with Scouts.  He really likes his leaders and they learn and do a lot of fun things.  

My baby is going into 5th.

I realized the other day that I only have 2 years left of Elementary school, then we will be done with that phase of our life.  CRAZY or cra cra if you ask J.  She is a sweet girl!  She can also be a little sassy pants but we still love her.  J is in dance again this year but is also deciding that she really like softball.  I wonder which she will end up liking more.  She loves going to activity days, playing with friends, dancing with her sister, and cooking in the kitchen with me!

August 11, 2012

Lucky Peak, The End

Well, our reunion was a huge success!!
Everyone had a blast!

We all made flags to represent each of our families.

Bucket Brigade

Minute- to-Win-It-Games

Waiting for their turn.


Sierra balancing her balloons.

Kristy stacking chapstick with chopsticks!

Face the Cookie

It starting raining as we were taking everyone back to the cars,
so the kids hid under the tarp to try and stay a little bit dry.

Lucky Peak

August 10, 2012

Lucky Peak Around Camp

I know it's been major picture overload from our reunion, but we had so much fun I couldn't leave anything out. It was a reunion I'm sure all the kiddos will remember!

Showing off our dance moves!

Grandma brought some craft stuff for the kids.

Brad & Kristy

Saige, Mason, & Hannah

Aunt Kristy with Saige, love this picture!

Kevin chopping wood for our campfires.

Grandma relaxing.

Sidney relaxing.

We had a devotional each night around the campfire.

M & Aubrey

The kiddos playing with Mason.

J & Mason hanging out on the boat.

M dancing with Saige.  Saige loved M!

Poor Alexa got sick, but found a nice place to rest.

S & Wyatt

Big girls helping out with the little girls.

Hubby and I were assigned to cook breakfast as one of our meals.

Cute cousins.

Me and Mason

More cooking, we sure ate well!

These little girls sure love Jalen!

August 4, 2012

Lucky Peak, Lots of Jumping

There was a lot of running and jumping off the dock.

Alexa jumping to her mom!



Jalen again!

T striking a pose in the air.

A few of the kids all in a row.

My crazy son!

August 3, 2012

Lucky Peak Sand Castles

Not only did we do a lot of swimming but we also did a lot of sand castle building.

T and Wyatt

T and Jaxon

Sidney and Saige

T had fun building different sand castles with all the littles.

J & M

T, Wyatt, and Ean

Olivia and Ean