April 2, 2013

Late Night Painting

We don't do sleepovers, but we LOVE late nights.  The kids had friends over one night and I came into the dining room to this scene.  The kiddos were all busy painting.  They set up, painted, enjoyed, and cleaned up all on their own.  It was a success for everyone!

April 1, 2013

My Birthday

The girls made this yummy chocolate cake for me for my birthday.  They even made the frosting from scratch.  Love, love, love my family!


We had our family party at my SIL's house and then made an impromptu stop to visit this cute family.
We got to play a game of charades while we were there!  Love family time!

He's 15!

I can't believe this boy is 15.  I know I say that all the time, but it's true that time flies.  He was so excited to open his presents that he woke up at like 5:00 a.m. to see what we had gotten him.  I was half asleep and he eagerly sat on the bed and opened up his Skull Candy headphones and XBOX live gift card.  I was such a sleepy head I didn't get any pictures.  Oh well, he was thrilled.  We did all sing to him that evening and enjoyed some homemade Payday bars.  YUM!

T is a smart guy, and a nice guy when he wants to be.  However he is a messy guy.  He HATES cleaning his room.  On this particular day M was in there "showing" him how to do it.  Good thing I love him!

Presidents Day Weekend

In February we went to St. George for Presidents Day weekend.  T had a soccer tournament.  Sadly the reason we were there I didn't get any pictures.  The boys did great in the tournament and fun was had by all! We stayed with some friends and were thrilled to be in warmer climate.

The kids thought it was warm enough for a night swim.  
I opted out and was content to be the photographer!

On Sunday after church we headed over to walk the temple grounds. 
The St. George Temple is so beautiful!  We went to the visitor center and watched a short film on families.  It was very touching and even the kids walked away having felt the spirit.  

My cute girls. 

Hubby and I.

Visiting some friends.  M was smart and stayed in the hot tub.  The crazy boys were jumping off the roof into the freezing pool.  They are nuts.  The kids also enjoyed some ziplining!

I'm not a huge fan of cake or cupcakes.  However, there is a fabulous place that sells the best cupcakes.  So, whenever we are in town we stop by Twenty-Five Main for a delicious treat!

The kids enjoying their treats!

The dads and kids enjoyed a game of kickball in the park.  Everyone was having a blast until DH kicked the ball and it bounced right off of J's forehead.  Poor girl.  

All in all, our trip to St. George was a huge success!  We enjoyed several soccer games in the sun, visited with friends, ate good food, did some shopping, and enjoyed time together as a family.