November 12, 2012

Dog Attack

About a week ago M and I went for a walk.  We were going to return some stuff to a friend.  As we were almost across the street 2 pitbulls came running toward us.  They starting barking and going in circles around us.  We froze where we were and I was yelling at them to leave.  After a while they did leave so we cut across the grass and started walking to the front door of our friend.  They came at us a second time and I knew we were in trouble.  I said a quick prayer that we would be ok and that M would stay safe.  The dogs started doing the same thing as before only this time one of them started jumping up on me and biting my clothes.  I swatted at it with my hand and she got a hold of my thumb.  I think I popped her on the nose and she didn't like that so she lunged at me and got a hold of the inside of my left knee.  Then, luckily they left.  We rushed into our friends' house and were glad to be in a safe place.  That was where I saw my leg and realized that I would need stitches.  I got help getting cleaned up and with getting a hold of the police.  When he got there he took some pictures and we told him what happened.  I think I went into shock because my body was shaking.  I got hot and felt like vomiting.  We called hubby and told him what happened.  He left work and came to take me to the doctor.  I ended up with 7 stitches.  Everyone kept asking how we got the dog off, and the only explanation I can come up with is that we were being watched over.  I know that Heavenly Father protected us.  I know that is why we came away from the whole experience as well as we did was because of Him.  I am so grateful that M was protected.  I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and for the safety and protection that our Heavenly Father gives us.   As the awful and terrifying as the experience was I know that it could have been so much worse.  And for that I will be forever grateful to my Heavenly Father. 

November 11, 2012

...and the snow is here to stay.

This weekend we got hit with a big snow storm.  It snowed about 8 inches overnight.  When we woke up and looked out the window our lawn was covered with fallen branches.  The snow was so heavy.  It looks like the snow is here to stay. 

Freshmen Basketball Team

After a week of sweat, tears, and hard work T found out that he made the Freshmen Basketball Team!!!
He was super excited.  He wanted to make the team so bad.  He practiced, practiced, practiced, and it paid off.  I can't believe I have a kid on a high school team!  Way to go T!!!