February 19, 2009

N is for Natalia

Isn't my neice beautiful?

February 17, 2009

34 Reasons

Today is my sweet hubby's 34th birthday. What an old man! I'm so in love with this guy and here's 34 reasons why:
1. he's kind
2. he can always make me laugh
3. he's loving
4. he's a GREAT father
5. he's an amazing kisser
6. he holds the priesthood
7. the kids adore him
8. he makes friends easily
9. he's athletic
10. he encourages me to do good
11. he's helpful
12. he's smart
13. he works hard for our family
14. he's my best friend
15. we don't fight
16. he takes me to the temple
17. he loves the Lord
18. he's a good speaker
19. he holds my hand
20. he comforts me
21. he plays with our kids
22. he's good at games
23. he shares my joys
24. he shares my sorrows
25. he takes me on dates
26. he can fix things
27. he's willing to learn
28. he listens
29. he cares
30. he makes people feel welcome
31. he's a good missionary
32. he's got a cute butt
33. he wants the best for our family
34. he's mine

February 16, 2009

What We've Been Doing

Wow! We have been super busy. Life just gets crazy some times, and we are going through some of those crazy times. We are slowly getting things in our house. Thank goodness. But, we have a long way to go. We'll get there.

working full-time
school full-time
Sunday school teacher
playing basketball twice a week
oh yeah, and school and work

working at the school
teaching 2 4-H classes after school
teaching 5 dance classes at the high school for the community
PTA & SCC (school community council)
trying to be a better mom
planning for girls camp
playing volleyball

science fair project
president report
earning arrow of light
being a little trouble maker

book report
science fair project
4th grade spelling bee champ (8th overall in the whole school!)
activity days

working on speech
getting ready to be baptized
getting ready for scouts
great reader
loves math
also a trouble maker

loves to help cook
great artist
my little princess
As you can tell, we've been quite busy. Gotta love it!

February 9, 2009


T got his Webelos in Scouts at our last pack night. He's been working hard to earn merit badges, belt loops, and pins. He also earned about 5 or 6 other awards. It's been fun watching him learn and develop new skills. Soon, he'll be an 11-year old scout. More fun adventures await us.