March 31, 2016

Dance Company Photos

One Word:

Kenzie Poo

At the final drill showcase. 
 Kenz is such a beautiful dancer!

Her dad escorting her!

My favorite picture of the 2 of us from our Florida trip!!

Goggles for Easter

Everyone got goggles for Easter this year.  We are prepping for the cruise!  Only 2 more days, couldn't be more excited to go!!!!

Soccer, Year 4

This handsome boy made the soccer team again this year.  4 years in a row.  I sure love watching him play.  I can hardly believe this is the last season for him.  GO DONS!

sidenote:  Mission papers were submitted last night.  I wonder where he'll go???!!!

Drill Trip 2016

This year for the drill trip we went to Orlando, Florida!!  We spent 3 days at Disney World, 1 day of competition, 1 day at Harry Potter World aka Universal Studios, and 1 day relaxing by the pool.  It was a blast.  We didn't waste a single minute of our time there.  We were busy busy busy, and yet I know there were so many things that we missed.  I've never been there before and so I didn't know what to expect at any of the parks.  My favorite thing at Animal Kingdom was right at the beginning when they were opening the park, a bunch of beautiful birds were released and went flying over our heads.  The colors were brilliant and it was so cool to see them flying right there so close to us.  The Rockin' Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios was a favorite as was Tower of Terror.  We saw animals, watched a 4D "Bug's Life" show, rode lots of rides, ate yummy food, saw the Indiana Jones show, watched the competition, sat in the sun, got in the pool, and so so so much more.  What a blast!

The highlight of the trip for Kenzie and I was Harry Potter World!  We LOVED it!  I have been wanting to go there for a very long time.  We are both huge HP fans.  Kenzie was super cute, she was like a little kid on Christmas morning.  She just enjoyed every single part of it.  She got a wand and was casting spells all over the place.  We drank frozen Butterbeer, YUM!  We rode the Hogwarts Express, got a chocolate frog with Dumbledore's card, went to Gringott's, and just enjoyed being there together.  They really did a great job.  It felt like we were in the movie.  I of course needed to have some sort of HP gear, so I got a Gryffindor sweatshirt.  I'd say HP was a huge success!

I'm so glad I got to go and spend time with Kenzie making memories.  She's an awesome girl and I'm lucky to be her mama.  The only downfall of the trip for me was that I got sick the last day.  Luckily it was the day we spent at the pool, but unfortunately we were already checked out of our hotel so I couldn't lay in a bed.  The hot sun was not my friend, so I stayed covered with wet towels,  It was pretty pathetic.  I was super sick for like 4 days and then didn't get completely better for about a week and half.  Lame.  But, that aside Florida was amazing, and I'm so happy I got to spend it with my girl! 

March 22, 2016

Old Youth Conference Pics

Occasionally I go through my phone and find old pictures that I never posted.  This day was especially fun, so I thought I'd share.  For youth conference we went to Camp Williams and spent a couple days there.  We did many activities and I think everyone had a great time.  One of the activities was to go repelling on this wall.  When I first looked at it, I thought sure no problem I can totally do that.  But, once I climbed to the top my opinion quickly changed.  It was pretty scary for me.  My thoughts were "Wow this is really high!  What if the equipment isn't strong enough for me? What if I fall?  I need to be brave and set an example for the youth."  The guys running the course did a great job encouraging everyone that they could make it, and eventually I did.  The kids on the other hand had no problem, they were much braver than I was.

Here is Spencer doing the free fall.  He even went upside down.  Crazy boy!

Kenzie climbed down the wall with no problem.

There is me trying to be super brave.  I had Tanner go down with me, and he was great.  He stayed even with me the whole time, showing me what to do, and encouraging me that I could do it.  He had way more confidence in me than I did in myself.  I made it though, I conquered!

One of the other activities was to get through some leadership challenge courses.  Here is Tanner being lowered down a wall to move the barrel, so everyone else could make it over.  He was once again fearless and was very often the one chosen in his group to do the more challenging tasks.

March 21, 2016


Las Vegas Competition

The hubs and I at Jo's Vegas competition. 

Love this man of mine and that I can count on him.  We've been super duper busy since the beginning of the year.  Almost every weekend has been filled with drill and cheer competitions, soccer tournaments, rugby games, and much more.  Although we had a competition in Vegas it was nice to get away.  The boys didn't want to come, so Spencer stayed with a friend and Tanner stayed home alone.  That was a little scary for me.  I know he's old enough, but it's a big step for me.  Sometimes I have a hard time letting go.  Everything ended up fine and we came home to happy boys and a clean home.  Vegas was nice, the weather was warm, we did some shopping, watched Jo, ate crab legs, had a bbq, and went swimming.  All in all it was a successful weekend. 

Eagle Scout Project

Tanner decided at the very last minute that he actually did want to earn his Eagle.  And, he should.  He has had all his merit badges done for quite some time.  It was just the project.  To be honest, Ry and I kind of gave up and thought well he just won't get it.  Well, he proved us wrong.  He did a toy drive for the kids at Utah Valley Hospital.  He got a great response from friends and family and was able to donate a lot of toys for the children there.  They were very pleased with his hard work and sent him a nice thank you letter.  I'm glad he got it done, and I know that he will be glad too!

Sweethearts 2016

Sweethearts is a girls choice dance.  Kenzie's date ended up being not so great.  She looked adorable and had fun with her group, but said that her actual date was not super nice.  I felt bad for her.  You always hope that your kids will go on fun dates and have a great time.  However, not all dates end up being that way.  I guess it was a good lesson to learn.  Plus, she'll have plenty of opportunities to go on really fabulous dates.  

Tanner's date on the other hand ended up being great!  Once again he was in a really fun group and they all had a great time together.  Super weird that this was his last Sweethearts.  I remember talking about all his firsts, now it's his lasts.  I know he'll have many more firsts to look forward to, but as a momma seeing some of his lasts is a little bittersweet.

Tanner - Masquerade

Although this was back in October, it was too cute not to post.  Not sure why it didn't get posted a while ago, but better late than never I guess.  Tanner's group was a lot of fun and they looked super fab as "Greasers and Pink Ladies"!

My Boy is 18!

This handsome guy turned 18 a few weeks ago.  How can that be?  How do I have an 18 year old?  Boy do I sure love him.  We threw him a surprise party.  The party was actually almost a month ago.  We did it a few weeks early so that he wouldn't suspect anything.  Plus I was gone on his actual birthday, so I had to try to make up for it somehow.  His cute friend did most of the work.  The party turned out to be a success!  He had a lot of friends there.  We ate pizza and cupcakes, and they teens just had fun talking and goofing off.  Tanner is a fun, loving guy.  He's growing up fast.  

18 fun Tanner facts:
~he's a hard worker
~he loves to listen to very loud music in his car
~he's getting  ready to serve a mission
~he's fantastic with babies and young kids
~he's got an infectious smile
~he loves soccer
~he gives great hugs
~he's taller than me
~he has a very messy room (we're working on that)
~he's smarter than he lets on
~he's handsome
~he honors his priesthood
~he likes to draw
~he always kisses me good night (I'm going to miss that!)
~he likes to try new things
~he likes to eat
~his Dad is his hero
~he's my boy

Sewing Project

This cute girl is taking a sewing class and is really enjoying it.  Here is her pillow case that she made.  I think she did a pretty darn good job if you ask me.  I think next they are making a back pack.  I'm sure it will turn out lovely!