March 21, 2016

Las Vegas Competition

The hubs and I at Jo's Vegas competition. 

Love this man of mine and that I can count on him.  We've been super duper busy since the beginning of the year.  Almost every weekend has been filled with drill and cheer competitions, soccer tournaments, rugby games, and much more.  Although we had a competition in Vegas it was nice to get away.  The boys didn't want to come, so Spencer stayed with a friend and Tanner stayed home alone.  That was a little scary for me.  I know he's old enough, but it's a big step for me.  Sometimes I have a hard time letting go.  Everything ended up fine and we came home to happy boys and a clean home.  Vegas was nice, the weather was warm, we did some shopping, watched Jo, ate crab legs, had a bbq, and went swimming.  All in all it was a successful weekend. 

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