March 21, 2016

My Boy is 18!

This handsome guy turned 18 a few weeks ago.  How can that be?  How do I have an 18 year old?  Boy do I sure love him.  We threw him a surprise party.  The party was actually almost a month ago.  We did it a few weeks early so that he wouldn't suspect anything.  Plus I was gone on his actual birthday, so I had to try to make up for it somehow.  His cute friend did most of the work.  The party turned out to be a success!  He had a lot of friends there.  We ate pizza and cupcakes, and they teens just had fun talking and goofing off.  Tanner is a fun, loving guy.  He's growing up fast.  

18 fun Tanner facts:
~he's a hard worker
~he loves to listen to very loud music in his car
~he's getting  ready to serve a mission
~he's fantastic with babies and young kids
~he's got an infectious smile
~he loves soccer
~he gives great hugs
~he's taller than me
~he has a very messy room (we're working on that)
~he's smarter than he lets on
~he's handsome
~he honors his priesthood
~he likes to draw
~he always kisses me good night (I'm going to miss that!)
~he likes to try new things
~he likes to eat
~his Dad is his hero
~he's my boy

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