March 22, 2016

Old Youth Conference Pics

Occasionally I go through my phone and find old pictures that I never posted.  This day was especially fun, so I thought I'd share.  For youth conference we went to Camp Williams and spent a couple days there.  We did many activities and I think everyone had a great time.  One of the activities was to go repelling on this wall.  When I first looked at it, I thought sure no problem I can totally do that.  But, once I climbed to the top my opinion quickly changed.  It was pretty scary for me.  My thoughts were "Wow this is really high!  What if the equipment isn't strong enough for me? What if I fall?  I need to be brave and set an example for the youth."  The guys running the course did a great job encouraging everyone that they could make it, and eventually I did.  The kids on the other hand had no problem, they were much braver than I was.

Here is Spencer doing the free fall.  He even went upside down.  Crazy boy!

Kenzie climbed down the wall with no problem.

There is me trying to be super brave.  I had Tanner go down with me, and he was great.  He stayed even with me the whole time, showing me what to do, and encouraging me that I could do it.  He had way more confidence in me than I did in myself.  I made it though, I conquered!

One of the other activities was to get through some leadership challenge courses.  Here is Tanner being lowered down a wall to move the barrel, so everyone else could make it over.  He was once again fearless and was very often the one chosen in his group to do the more challenging tasks.

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