March 21, 2016

Sweethearts 2016

Sweethearts is a girls choice dance.  Kenzie's date ended up being not so great.  She looked adorable and had fun with her group, but said that her actual date was not super nice.  I felt bad for her.  You always hope that your kids will go on fun dates and have a great time.  However, not all dates end up being that way.  I guess it was a good lesson to learn.  Plus, she'll have plenty of opportunities to go on really fabulous dates.  

Tanner's date on the other hand ended up being great!  Once again he was in a really fun group and they all had a great time together.  Super weird that this was his last Sweethearts.  I remember talking about all his firsts, now it's his lasts.  I know he'll have many more firsts to look forward to, but as a momma seeing some of his lasts is a little bittersweet.

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