November 14, 2006

Primary Program

On Sunday we had our primary program. This was the first year that all four of our kids were in the program. It felt very strange to sit there on the bench with just DH and I. It was also very nice. The program turned out very nicely. The kids all did a great job. M had a solo part to sing. I thought she might get a little scared once she was up there, but she proved me wrong. She did an amazing job. She's always singing, so I'm not surprised. They learned how to sign "Search Ponder & Pray". The whole primary did a really good job doing all the signs. One of my favorite songs they sang was "We are Children". It's not in the songbook and I really want the words to it.

Like usual I got a little teary. I know part of it was that I felt the spirit coming from all of those sweet little children. Another part was that all my kids were up there. They are all growing up so fast. I can't believe they were all up there. I'm glad they are learning and growing, I just can't believe how fast time flies.

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oshee said...

You may have already found the music..but here are the links to it. It is a great song.

Holding Hands

Sheet Music 1 & 2