October 31, 2006

Random Thoughts

It's been quite a while since I've blogged. I really haven't been feeling all that well since the accident. We've started our treatment and I think it's going to be a long haul for us. I sustained the worst injuries because of the way I was sitting when we were hit. Two of my vertebrae were fractured, I might have a dislocated disc, and the natural curve in my neck is opposite of what it should be. I've started therapy and am already starting to feel better. I am coming down with a cold again, which the doctor says is because my immune system is low and because of stress. Just another fun thing to deal with.

DH is doing much better since going to the doctor. Unlike my months of therapy I get to look forward to, he should be doing pretty good, pretty quickly.

Yesterday I took M, S, and J to the doctor. M had been complaining about her back, so I thought it would be better off just to have them checked out. All three of them have a mild case of whiplash. S and J only need to be seen about 3 or 4 times each, and M a little bit more. He thinks they might also be suffering a little bit from post traumatic stress. Hopefully we will all be able to overcome everything in a timely manner, and get back to "normal", if there really is a normal.

After about 10 hours of car shopping, we finally bought a new van last Friday. It's a Chrysler Towne & Country, and I think we are going to be very happy with it. It's white, which was not my first color choice, but it was by far the best deal. So, that's what we have. It drives well and has low miles.

We got a call from the insurance company and we are actually getting back more than we owe on our old van. We are very excited about that, and so glad that we didn't have to roll anything over into the new van.

I can't believe that tomorrow is November. What happened to October? It went by so fast. The kids are excited to go trick-or-treating. I'm not so excited about all the candy that will be lingering around for the next month or so. Usually by the end of November, I start throwing away candy because I'm so sick of it.

This time last year I was already done with all my Christmas shopping. I haven't even started for this year. Luckily for us, we get to use our left over money from the van, to buy Christmas. I was really wondering what we were going to do because we have had so many financial upsets recently.

My neice D's wedding plans are moving along quite well. Everything she has picked out is so beautiful, and I'm sure her wedding is going to turn out very lovely. It's fun to be here and to be a little bit involved with all the plans. I know her mom is sad not to be here, but at least she'll be able to spend a little time before the wedding. Her shower is going to be at my house next weekend, and we are very excited for that!

And once again, I'm so grateful for the safety that we had during the accident. I've seen and heard of too many stories, where the outcome is much much worse than ours. I thank the Lord daily for watching over us and protecting us through this horrible time.


Suzanne said...
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Suzanne said...

I messed up my first post so I'm trying again!

You sound so positive after everything your family has been through. I hope things continue to go well with recovery.

Have fun hosting your neice's bridal shower! :)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I really hope your recovery time is not too long, and that of your family. What a yucky thing to have happen.

Your throwing away the candy thing made me laugh. You mean you don't eat any of it? ;)

CHEL said...

So glad you are all ok and will recover completely. We have so much to be grateful for and it really helps us reflect on all of our blessings. you were blessed.

itybtyfrog said...

I am sorry to hear about all of your injuries from your accident. I hope you all get better soon. Congrats on the new van. It sounds nice. I bagged up most of the halloween candy to hide away until I am in desperate need of some sugar. You have amazing will-power to just throw it away. I don't think I could do that, unless it was those nasty hard pieces of bubble gum.

On a side note, my neck bends backwards too. I just came that way I guess because I have never been in an accident. A chiropractor can help with that a lot...mine did anyway. Good luck with your recovery.

Mel said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are still hurting. Therapy is awesome and huge part of our lives. Hopefully you will continue to progress in that area.

I'm already sick of the candy too. I usually throw a lot of it away or stash it somewhere intil it is hard as a rock then throw it out.

Yeah, on the money from the van! I'm not sure where our Christmas money is going to come from but I would prefer not to total my van. It's not worth the "pain and suffering".

Have a nice week!