October 12, 2006

Lunch Bunch

As one of our monthly enrichment activities we started a lunch bunch. Yesterday we went over to my friends house and had a potluck. There were only about 7 people who showed up, but we all had a fun time. Hopefully on Sunday when I thank those who came and tell everyone what a great time we had, we'll have a better turn out next month.

We are also going to be starting a:
book club
recipe swap
scrapbooking class
sewing/quilting class
play group

Any other ideas? What do your wards do?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, but definitely not diet friendly. I think I would cave everytime. Good luck. Sounds like a great way to get together with people, though. I miss those kinds of get togethers.

Stephanie said...

We have so far an exercise group that meets in the morning, a quilt block of the month club, and a stitchery of the month club. We are trying to start a game night and a scrapbooking group.

I love your idea for a play group and a recipe swap. How do you do the recipe swap?

Nikkie said...

That sounds like fun! I'm no good at coming up with ideas for those sorts of things.

Stephanie said...

By the way, I just found out (from my overly-zealous, best friend,2nd counselor in the RS that I am being called to be the HPFE night leader. I will be needing all of your ideas.

nikko said...

Most of ours have fizzled, but we still have a cooking group, a food storage group (I think) and a quilting/sewing group.

Code Yellow Mom said...

I've been in charge of the "cultural fieldtrip" group in our ward. It's my job to research around and find fun events, museums, performances, etc. and get group tours or bulk tickets. I especially like to find the free things that are interesting and available in our community. We usually have 8-10 women each time, and different people each time, so it's a great small group activity, reaching a lot of interests and getting us involved in the community.

Our ward also has a cook and share group, a playgroup, a genealogy group, and a service group (that gets together each month and makes freezable meals to have on hand for emergency dinners for those in need).

Suzanne said...

Our ward does a frozen meal group. It's just like "My Girlfriend's Kitchen" but quite a bit cheaper.

6 of us at a time get together at someone's house. It takes about 4 hours and a lot of energy, but after everyone has 6 nice frozen meals for about $40. (I ended up with 12 because my family is smaller.)

I love this activity because it's great spending time with the women and gives more variety to my meals. Also, now I have emergency meals for unexpected company or on days I just want to be lazy, which is a lot! ;)

Nettie said...

We have a walking club, a Mommy and Me group, a quilt block of the month club and a family history night. Unfortunately they planned the quilt night on the same night as activity night. We've missed so many due to activities in the other organizations.