July 29, 2012

24th Fun

We celebrated the 24th of July this past week.  The morning started early with the big parade.  Dani, Greg, and Tate met us for some fun.  The girls gathered lots of candy, we ate muffins, and enjoyed good company.
After the parade D, G, and T left and we were off to the carnival.  I don't love the carnival, but the kids each had a ticket for a free ride.  So, we let them go have some fun.  Then, Mom and Dad met us for some yummy pizza.  After lunch we headed for home to relax and play some games.  Then we were off to Grandma Davies house for a BBQ.  Next on the agenda was fireworks.  That didn't end up working out the way we had planned, but that's ok we had a great day anyways!

Enjoying the parade.

DH off to man the BBQ!

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