November 15, 2016

This and That

This guy made the Sophomore High School Basketball Team!
He was super excited, and I was thrilled for him.  He worked his little tushy off practicing, waking up early, and really gave it his all.  I was so nervous for him the whole week.  In the end it all paid off and we are all so excited for him.  It will be a fun season!

Elder Davies has now been out for 2 1/2 months!  He is loving his mission, and I love hearing from him every week.  It makes it a whole lot easier for me knowing that he is really loving his time serving the people of California!

Yep, that's a Christmas tree in November!  It's actually been up and decorated for a week and half already.  We love Christmas and usually decorate early, but not this early.  I'm having surgery on Friday and wanted everything done so that I won't have to worry about it later.  So, the house is decorated and the presents are bought!  Now, we can just relax and enjoy the holiday season!

Kenz & Tyler at Masquerade!
They had a fun night together.  Their group was huge and they all had a good time together. 

And another one of Tanner, just because.  They found a mini fridge on the side of the road that was free and decided that they needed it.  So, Tanner strapped it on to the back of his bike and rode it home.  What a crazy boy, I love it!

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