October 24, 2016

Fall Break Day 3

Kenzie had to take the ACT in the morning and when she got back we were off to the Red Barn. 
We took a hay ride out to the "back forty" where there were many activities to enjoy.

We made it through the corn maze very quickly!
The kids also went down a giant slide.  I think they were the oldest ones to do it, but who cares, they had fun doing it!

They each picked out a pumpkin.  Now we need to find a time to carve them.
Afterwards we got some yummy treats.  Ry and I got an apple cider slush with ice cream in it, delicious!  Who knew that would be so tasty? The kids each got an ice cream and then we got apple cider donuts to take home.

When we got home we cleaned the church and then the kids were off in all different directions.  Kenz went on a group date to a haunted house.  She was pretty nervous and when she got back said that it was very scary.  I do not like haunted houses at all.  Spencer got hamburgers and went to spend the evening with his good friend who had knee surgery.  They spent the evening playing video games and just hanging out.  I feel bad for him, knee surgery is no fun, and he is going to be out for quite a while.  Jo brought a pizza to her friends house and they enjoyed just hanging out together.  Ry and I went out to dinner with his sister, her husband, and his mom.  It was her birthday so we went to celebrate.  After that we went to the mall so I could get some new shoes!  When we got home we collapsed on the couch and were ready to just relax. 

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