October 24, 2016

From My Missionary!!

I absolutely LOVE getting pictures and emails from my amazing missionary.  His last email was fun and he told us what a great time he's having.  They got to go to the L.A. Temple, which he loved.  They did a session there and he said that he especially liked it because that is where his dad and I were married.  I love his smile in this picture, it shows how truly happy he is!

This one makes me laugh.  It just sums up his fun personality.  He was excited to get a little bit of rain.  He said it only lasted about 10 minutes, but that it felt so nice for those brief moments.

Tanner, or should I say Elder Davies got to be part of 2 baptisms!  He was thrilled to be able to be there and said this cute girl was so excited too!

His other baptism!

Overall Elder Davies is doing wonderful!  He's learning a lot of new things and I can already tell that his testimony has grown by leaps and bounds.  What a wonderful example he is to me!  I think these young missionaries are so brave.  It takes a lot of faith and courage to do what they do!

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