October 15, 2016

September 2016

Our month has been full of busy-ness. 
Ryan flew to AZ with some friends to go to the BYU vs. AZ game.
They had a great time together!

Went to visit Grandma Davies for FHE. 
Notice how well the children are "visiting".  At least they weren't fighting.
I'd call that a success;)

A little hanging out time with my girl!

The girls moved downstairs into each of the boys' rooms, so a little redecorating was needed.  Jo picked this cute turquoise with one of the walls a chalkboard wall.  Turned out super cute.  Kenz chose gray and pink, also cute.  Spencer moved upstairs and now has a huge room all to himself.
  He loves that! 

Cute little miss Penny Jane invited me to her birthday party!  She is such a cute thing, always smiling, and is the best present opener I've ever seen!

We got to chaperone the STOMP at the high school.  Lucky us!

Took a Sunday drive up the canyon to check out all the beautiful fall colors.  We will be doing that again very soon.  I love when the leaves change colors, it's so beautiful!

Elder Davies and Elder Cottle in the MTC!
I sure love and miss that boy of mine!

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