August 7, 2016

This Week

It feels like as soon as August hit, we've been busy, busy, busy.
Jo had cheer camp all week.  Each day they had a different theme to dress up as.  My favorite was superhero day, but I didn't get a picture.  That's ok because military day was pretty cute too!
Kenzie has been busy with drill every day.  They have been working those girls hard, but I'm pretty sure it's all going to pay off!  She's also worked a few days this week, spent time with friends, and enjoyed the chance to take naps!  Spencer has been busy with football.  As the beginning of school approaches they are having more and more practices.  He's loving it and is very dedicated to going each morning.  He's also been mowing lawns, and hanging out with friends.  Tanner has been working his little buns off.  And, he's also enjoying sleeping in.  We told him to enjoy it now, because in a few weeks there will be no more of that.  He's been on several dates and is having a blast!  Ry and I have been busy with work as well.  Seems like that's how life is for us right now.
Busy, busy, busy!

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