June 7, 2012

Sliced Thumb

The other day I was upstairs doing laundry and I heard T yell that he cut his thumb and needed stitches.  He wasn't really crying so I thought maybe he was joking.  He told me he was serious so I went downstairs and sure enough he had sliced his thumb right open and it was bleeding.  We washed his thumb in the sink and put some pressure on it to see if the bleeding would stop.  Once I could get a clear view of it I was pretty sure that it needed stitches.  So, we headed to the doctor for the second time that day.  We had been there earlier so that J could get her cast replaced. The doctor took a quick look and said, "Yep it needs stitches."

He got 4 stitches and watched the entire time.  Crazy boy.

Thumbs up for stitches? I guess so.

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