July 18, 2011

M at the D.C. Temple

Luckily my sis is super good at posting and she doesn't mind if I steal (borrow) pictures. Yesterday they went to the D.C. Temple, which is something M really wanted to do. They went on this fun nature walk and of course M started dancing (something she does daily).

I'm not sure if this is true or not, but it sure looks like Tate was copying H & M.
How cute is she?

M doing a leap. Not bad if you ask me!

Another fun move from M!

Inside the visitor center.
I'm so glad M was able to go and spend time with my sister and her family. She was thrilled to go and has called me every night telling me what a great time she's been having. I know she will always remember this trip and will have fun memories to look back on.

Cute little cousins. I think they are really going to miss each other, but I'm excited to have M home. Tomorrow night, I can't wait!!!

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Kevin and Amanda said...

It looks like she is having an awesome time!!! How fun! She is so funny too in those action pictures! I love it!