July 4, 2011

Eternal Families

The beach house where M is staying. Doesn't it look fun?!

My cute little M sent me this picture yesterday. She loves her hair in it.

T, Emma, and Jose goofing off together.

Yesterday during testimony meeting I was thinking about how different it is around here with only 2 kids and how much I miss T & M. The dynamics of our family have shifted a bit and it's been interesting to watch the other 2 kids and how they interact with each other. Although I'm missing T & M, I know they are having fun and that they will be back soon. This turned my thoughts to eternal families. How grateful I am to have the knowledge that I get to be with my family for eternity. I love my family more than words can express and to know that they will be with me forever is so assuring. I'm grateful to Heavenly Father for making this part of his plan, for giving us the opportunity to be sealed to our families in the temple.

How lucky are we to get to be with our family for eternity?!


I have a good life said...

Amen. That is all I have to say. I agree 100%! We are so blessed.

Chelsey said...

I agree, I think of it often, don't know what I would do without the knowledge of eternal families.