July 2, 2011

Broken Glass

So, after we got the trampoline all set up and back to normal the YW president and 2nd counselor pulled up. They were coming to talk to M and give her all the stuff she needs to prepare for YW. As we started talking, our cute little friend came up to me and told me that J had fallen through glass. I quickly ran to the back and found J sitting on the table with M trying to doctor her up. Apparently she was climbing out her window (not sure why she couldn't use the door) and used this aquarium as a step stool. Well, her feet (bare, of course) pushed right through the glass. Then, she pulled her feet out. When I got to her she wasn't crying but she did have quite a few cuts and scrapes. I carried her into the house and started cleaning her up with the help of my friends (what would I do without them). I kept expecting to find tiny pieces of glass stuck in her, but found none. I can't believe that after all the scrapes and cuts I didn't find one piece of glass. She was a pretty lucky girl, it could've been a lot worse. What a crazy afternoon it ended up being. Luckily the rest of the day was nice.

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