July 30, 2011

Hairspray & Some Moving

Last night I went with 2 of my SIL's and my MIL to go see "Hairspray". It was SO cute. I
loved it. The entire cast did a great job. It was tons of fun. The only part I didn't like was
the lady next to us that brought her 2 little boys and let them run up and down the isle,
talking, laughing, and screaming. It was very annoying and rude. But, other than that the
night was very delightful!

It was nice to have a break. We've been spending the entire week cleaning and rearranging our house. Our boys have been little stinkers lately; fighting, yelling, punching, etc. People have been pretty grumpy around these parts. So, we decided that separating the boys would be a good idea. DH has been wanting to do it for a long time, but I've been very reluctant because I didn't want the t.v. in our living room downstairs. I love having that space, it's always clean, it's usually quiet. It's quite nice. But, I think for the happiness of our family I finally had to give in. Which meant the t.v. and entertainment center went downstairs, we moved S into the girls room, and moved the girls upstairs. It's been a long week of cleaning, moving, throwing things away, cleaning, moving, and cleaning, and moving. The kids are tired of it, I'm tired of it. Hopefully we can finish soon! The big moving is done, now we have the little stuff to do. Like S needs a dresser, the girls room still needs to be organized and clean. But, for now we are taking a break. T is making cookies with his friend. The girls (5 of them) are all upstairs playing. S and his friend are outside jumping on the trampoline with the sprinklers on. DH is at work, and I'm on the computer enjoying a break. Everyone is happy!

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