October 31, 2010


When Anna was here we met up at Zupa's for lunch one day. I love Zupa's, super yummy!!
I think this picture of Ange, Yoho, and Reg is so cute!

If you look closely enough at a baby Joneaux, you can see that he just tried a lemon. It was hilarious. He made the funniest faces. It may be kind of mean, but I think it's so funny to let babies try lemons. They make the best faces ever!

He wasn't mad at us for too long for giving him lemons.
He was ready to give his cousin a big hug and kiss!
Love those babies!

Nitro Circus

My sister Andrea got tickets for the whole family to go to Nitro Circus through APX. We had food from J Dawgs, got candy and drinks, and enjoyed a great show.

Travis Pestrana
What a crazy guy! I can't believe all the stuff that these guys are brave enough to do.
We had a great night. M and Katie even came away with free t-shirts!

J's Fort

J loves to build forts right now. This particular fort is under our coffee table in the dining room.
She hung out under there for a long time. Sometimes her forts are big and sometimes they are small. Sometimes they are in little corners of the house or underneath things.

And, she always has a cute set up in there. Toys, books, blankets, and pillows. Sometimes little snacks. I love to see the kids imaginations at work.

October 30, 2010

T's First School Dance

T went to his first school dance a few weeks ago. This is something I hadn't thought too much about, so I wasn't prepared when he asked me if he could go. I remember going to school dances in Jr. High that were either during school or right after. And I had fun. DH went to dances too. So, I told him he could go. Of course I had to lay down some ground rules first. He agreed.

He was so excited to go. It was pretty cute. He came home from school and wanted to change. So, he changed, brushed his teeth, combed his hair, and put on some cologne. He was all set to go. He looked so handsome. It was very strange dropping him off. When we first got to the school, he sat in the car for a minute trying to talk himself in to going. First he asked if he looked stupid. Then he was nervous about what to do. Finally he decided it was actually okay to go. I told him to call me if there were any problems or when he was ready to come home.
He stayed the whole time and had a blast!

October 29, 2010

Pictures from the Airport

So, Mom and Dad have been here for almost a month. CRAZY! We were all so anxious for them to come home. We had the whole crew at the airport waiting for their arrival.

Ange and Reg!

Baby Joneaux

The kids barely let them come through the doors before they were right by their side.
They were thrilled to have them home!

S has been missing his Papa like crazy. Ever since he was little he had a special bond with Papa. He cried and cried when they left. he cried when they talked on Skpe. He cried because he missed him, he cried when we talked about them coming home because he was so happy. And, then when he saw his Papa he cried a little, but he smiled and smiled and smiled!

Happy to have them home!

The Case of the Stolen Flip Flops

The other day I was teaching my dance class at the high school. The cheerleaders had left their stuff in the room and they came in during the class to get it. I asked them to hurry so they wouldn't interrupt the class too much. When my class was over, I was gathering up all my stuff and went to put my flip flops on. But, they were gone. I thought maybe they had been moved around when the cheerleaders were getting their stuff. But, they were no where to be seen. I guess one of the cheerleaders thought they were theirs. Which makes me wonder, how do you forget what shoes you were wearing? Or, did they take my flip flops on purpose? I loved my black flip flops. I wore them all the time. Luckily they were only a couple of bucks.

October 28, 2010

End of Another Soccer Season

We spent many hours driving to soccer games and watching soccer games this season. T had a great season. They practiced and played hard and it really paid off. We found out last week that their team moved up a rank because of our points during the season. That means spring season is going to be that much harder. But, they can do it. They'll just have to practice and practice.

Fun team photo taken after their last game in SLC.
These boys really have a lot of fun together.

It's always good to get a little in action photo!

Reggie's Blessing

Reggie was blessed the day after J's baptism. We had a very busy week. Mom and Dad had come home on Monday. Anna and Ama and Baby J were visiting. We had family dinners. On Friday Alec, Kelly, and Katie came. Saturday J was baptized. Sunday Reggie was blessed. It was fun to be together for such special occasions. I was SOOO sad that my big sis couldn't make it. We sure missed her. Hopefully next summer we'll all be able to party together!

The blessing was so nice. Yoho did a very nice job, and Reggie looked super cute. After the blessing we had a brunch at my house. We ate muffins, cinnamon rolls, fruit, croissants, hot chocolate, and juice. Ange invited some of her friends to come over too. We had a very full house, but everyone had a wonderful time. It was sad to have everyone leave.
Cute twin birthday cousins!

October 26, 2010

"I Feel So Good!"

I can't believe J's baptism was almost a month ago and I still haven't posted about it yet.
She has been so excited to get baptized for a long time. I think she's probably been talking about it for close to a year. So, when the day finally came she was super excited. She had picked out her dress, asked people to participate in the program, and was ready for her day!

Can't you just see the happiness on her face?!

Not a great family photo, but we needed to have one on her special day.

After J came out of the water and I was helping her change, she looked at me and said,"Mom, I feel soo good!" I just hugged her. It was a very tender moment for me as a mom. I learned a lot from her that day. It's amazing to me how simple words from a child can strengthen the testimony of an adult. Later I bore my testimony to her about how if we follow the commandments and do what is right that we will always "feel so good". Heavenly Father has made it clear to us that we will be happy and have good feelings if we are following him. Her baptism was beautiful. I'm so thankful for her decision to be baptized, for her testimony, and for the sweet spirit she brings to our family. What a special little girl!

Can't Get Enough Of Him

My sis sent me this picture and I LOVE it. Not only do I not look too horrible, but look at that baby. Don't you just want to eat him up?! He was probably one of the happiest babies ever. He has the best smile and I just love him to pieces. Why can't we live closer?

October 21, 2010

Salt Lake Real Game

DH got free tickets to take the boys to a Salt Lake Real soccer game.
Our friend Aaron went too.
When they got there, there were shirts waiting for them.
It was a super late night, but they had a great time!
The boys were so excited to spend some time with their Dad!
Since the boys were out enjoying, the girls and I decided to treat ourselves to Cold Stone!

October 20, 2010

Not Too Fun

Well, my stupid knees aren't better. So, I called the doc and he told me I should come in and we would try injections. I was really nervous. Not sure why except for the fact that I HATE needles. Luckily for me my cute SIL Ari works there and she was there to calm me down and hold my hand. Yesterday was not fun. Not only were my knees hurting, but they were also very sore from the injections. I just hope they work. I really don't want to have knee problems forever. I also got x-rays done and they showed that I have 2 bone spurs on the inside of my knees on both sides. The injections should help a little with that, but they aren't a permanent fix. So, for now it's the waiting game to see how I react to the steroids and if any kind of therapy will work. If not we'll have to explore other options. Not too fun.

October 18, 2010

Fancy Nancy Party

So J finally got her birthday party a month late, and now I'm posting pictures 2 1/2 weeks after we had the party. I know, I know I"m a little slow, but at least I'm doing it. I saw this cute idea for a Fancy Nancy party here. Her ideas were super cute, and since J LOVES Fancy Nancy I used a few of her ideas. The party turned out so cute and so much fun!

We made these darling invitations with all the party information on the back.

Our fun table. We had cute cupcakes with princess flags, pink lemonade, and candy. The table was decorated with pom poms, doilies, and jewelry.

Dani and Ange came over to help with the "spa". They did all the girls hair.

Next, was the girls got pedicures and manicures.
If they weren't getting their hair or nails done, they were putting on make-up.
There were also plenty of "Fancy Nancy" books available to read.
All the girls are dressed up and ready to party Fancy Nancy style.

J opened her presents and got some very fun things.

We went outside for a photo shoot and a fashion show.

The party was a huge success and all the girls had a blast!
J was especially excited and thrilled that she finally got her Fancy Nancy party.

October 17, 2010

Old Navy Deal

I went to Old Navy yesterday, and got some good deals!
-4 pairs of gloves
-3 pairs of shorts
-1 pair of shoes for S
-1 shirt for T
-2 dresses
-2 tank tops
-1 shirt for J
-2 shirts for me
-1 shirt for DH
-1 sweater for DH
-1 sweater for me

...and how much did I spend?


That's it! Got some great deals, I love when that happens!

New Halloween Decorations

As I was putting up my Halloween decorations I realized that I've been putting up the same stuff year after year. I am ready for some new stuff, so I made some cute things this week.
I saw this cute idea at my friend April's house. Hers was a little different, but the same idea.
I love it! I thought it tuned out super cute.

Another one of my friends' made these cute lanterns. I asked her where she got the idea and she pointed me to the website ourbestbites.com. Super cute and soo easy.

Now, I'm in the crafting mood. What should I do next????

October 8, 2010

Why I Haven't Posted

We've been so busy catching up with Mom and Dad and staying busy with fun things. Maybe this weekend I can get caught up with some blogging and posting some pictures. Things we've done so far:

~some went to the temple
~out to lunch at Zupa's
~some people went to an Indian restaurant, I missed that one:(
~talking, talking, talking
~Anna helping Mom to get her new computer set up
~playing with babies
~some went to the mall and did a little shopping, I also missed that one:(
~we got some fun things from Mom & Dad from Europe:)

Things we are still going to do:

~hopefully do a Halloween craft
~Alec, Kelly, and Katie are coming
~some will go to a soccer game tonight, some will go to Gardner's Village
~J's baptism and luncheon
~Reggie's blessing
~lots of cooking
~something fun Saturday night

We're enjoying all the fun!

October 5, 2010


They're home!!!!
(pictures to come)

October 4, 2010

Today's The Day

Just checked the flight status for Mom & Dad,
they will be home in 6 hours and 9 minutes!