August 22, 2010

Some Things We Did This Summer

We've had a very fun summer. I'm sad to see it come to an end, I'm not ready.
Besides what I've already posted, we've
spent time with family,

took a turn in the dunk tank,

rode bikes in parades,

and walked in parades,

celebrated birthdays,

watched fireworks,

had watermelon eating contests,

went fishing,

acted silly with friends,

babysat these two little cuties,

fed the ducks,

made homemade pizzas with cousins,

had "photo shoots" with friends,
and much much more!!


Natalie said...

What a wonderful summer. I love you.

Becca said...

You Utah folk sure do know how to party it up. I wanna go to the state fair, I heard it's super fun....