August 7, 2010


M and her friend from dance put on a "dance" class for some girls. They met for like 6 weeks and then put on a mini recital. They made up several different dances, had the girls tye dye some shirts, made invitations, and put the whole thing on themselves. They did a pretty good job and were very excited to show the parents what they'd accomplished.
M did a solo. She is turning into a very good dancer.
It's been so fun for me to watch her and see her progress in her dancing.

This was J's group. They did a cute little dance. J also did a little solo.
After all the dances, we had refreshments. It was a great success!


fawndear said...

Love when kids have the ideas and follow through to create some enchantment of their own. Probably means more to them than what we spent a boatload of money on to enhance those talents. Way to go girls.

Anna said...

What cute dancers!