May 31, 2012

J's First Activities Day Camp

J was SUPER excited to be able to go to Day Camp this year.  She missed last year because she was at a dance competition.  DH and I went up for Bishoprics' dinner and to watch the skits.  The skits were cute, they were all based on parts of the Family Proclamation.  Our ward had wholesome recreational activities.  J was the "dad" and they showed an example of a fighting family and a happy family.  J got to make a purse and a bracelet and learned some other fun skills.  I think all the girls really enjoyed  their time at camp.

Don't Quit Get Fit

The Jr. High had their annual 5k for Fitness Week.  
Both T & M participated!

T came jogging by with his friend  who avoided the picture.

I'm pretty sure these two did more giggling than actual running,
but they had fun and that's what counts.

May 30, 2012

Egg Drop Project

J's last assignment of the school year was to do an egg drop project.  There were so many different ideas that the kids had.  J used an empty parmesan cheese container.  We stuffed toilet paper at the bottom, wrapped the egg in bubble wrap, and then stuffed more toilet paper around the gaps.  Then we wrapped the entire container with more bubble wrap.  Her egg survived the first drop which she was glad for.  The kids had a fun time seeing whose egg survived.

J with her project.

Her teacher tossing the eggs off the roof!

Scout Backpack


Our scout master brought this over for S yesterday.  A backpack filled with a mess kit, flashlight, utensil knife, a new scout book, and some candy.  S was thrilled.  He is so excited to be an 11-year old scout and is now equipped with a lot of things he needs.  I thought that was especially thoughtful for him to do that. 
 S said, "I'm definitely going to write him a thank you note!"

Broken Wrist

                           J was riding her scooter home from school a couple of weeks ago and took a spill for the worst.  She broke her wrist, scraped her tummy, cut her hand, and her nose and face were all bruised and scraped.  I felt really bad for her.  She was in a brace for a week and has had her cast on for a week.  Only 4 more weeks to go.  What a great way to start summer.                

Her radius (the bone on the right) broke at the top-it should be straight  along the side,
but you can see the jagged edge, which is where it broke.
She's been a pretty good sport about the whole thing.

Wicked Cindy

M took Drama this year and LOVED it.  For their end of year performance they did a parody on Cinderella.  Her play was "Wicked Cindy".  M was one of the nice sisters.  I didn't know she had such a big part.  She did a great job.  I sure love this girl!

The nice stepsisters.

Trying to figure out what to do about Cindy.

At the ball.

Cindy apologizes.

Take a bow!

Girls Day

I didn't realize how little I've posted as I was looking through some old photos.  We celebrated two of my SIL's birthdays in February.  We decided to have a girls day in SLC.  We drove to Sandy and rode Trax to Salt Lake.  While we there we did a little shopping, went to see "The Vow" which I loved, and walked around. We ate lunch at Applebee's and then had dinner at Sweet Tomatoes.  After dinner we went to the mall and then headed home.  It was a very fun day and I'm grateful for a wonderful family!

Some Scout Stuff

A few months ago, both boys received some scout awards.  
T became a First Class Scout and S got his Webelos Badge.

I love how far T is holding my shirt out in this picture.
He didn't want to poke me with the pin.

Getting his Webelos at the Blue and Gold Banquet

T is a Teacher

I don't think I ever posted the pictures of T when he was ordained a Teacher.  I'm so grateful that T honors his priesthood and is so willing to perform his priesthood duties.  I love watching him as he passes the sacrament each week and goes out monthly to collect fast offerings.  What an amazing thing for these boys to be a part of.  I'm so very thankful for the gospel in our lives and for the many things it teaches us.

Our Family

What a handsome kid!

Kids Are So Daring

He taught himself how to do this.  Now I think he can do a few in a row.

A Welcome Home

When we got home from our cruise we were greeted by all our kids.  They had put together a party for us.  It was such a fun surprise.  They made fruit kabobs and decorated the house.
They put together a fun poem for us and each kid had a part.

They even made us a Welcome Home cake, which was very yummy.

How cute are they?!

I sure missed my kiddos.  

May 29, 2012

Sea Day, Cruise Day 7

Our last day of our cruise was a day at sea.  I can't believe how fast the week went.  It's crazy that you plan and plan and plan and wait and wait and wait, and then it's done.  But, we enjoyed every moment of it.  We did a lot of relaxing this day.  Sat on the deck, read, took naps, shopped, ate, and just enjoyed the moment!

This was the last "Didja" (did you ever try?).
Frog legs?  I wasn't to fond of these.  I took one bite and that was enough for me.
Those little bread bites were yummy though!

Yummy salad.

Peach soup, I'm a big fan of these cold fruit soups now!

DH couldn't decide this night, so he got 2 entree's!

Mac n' Cheese with bacon and chicken.
This was actually really really good!

These were our servers for the whole cruise.
They sure made our dining experience a lot of fun!

Our final "friend" was a stingray!

May 28, 2012

Cayman Islands, Cruise Day 6

Our last port was the Cayman Islands.  What a beautiful place.  Everywhere we went was amazing.  I loved all the different things we experienced.  This cruise is something I will never forget.

The only bridge in the Cayman  Islands.

Candy Dresses

Fresh coconut, YUM!

After we met up with our tour guide, we taken to a dock where we loaded on to a little boat that took us to our first excursion stop, swimming with the stingrays.  Once again I had my water camera, so I don't have pictures with me.  We went to a sandbar in the middle of the ocean.  The water was SO clear and beautiful.  It was crazy that we were just in the middle of the ocean, crazy but AMAZING!  Once our boat stopped we were told to jump in.  So, we did.  April and I were pretty nervous.  We did a lot of laughing which I think helped us relax a little.  I still can't believe that we were among all those stingrays.  The big ones are the females and the males are the smaller ones.  Our tour guide was holding one of the big stingrays and let everyone come up and have a turn.  DH held it, and I stood next to him and rubbed the top of his head.  Then we "kissed" him.  We got some fun pictures, and if I ever get them I'll have to post them.  
It was awesome!

When we were done swimming with the stingrays we got back on our boat and went to a reef.  Then we put on our snorkel gear and jumped back in the water.  After I figured out how to breath without spazzing out it was actually pretty cool.  We saw some cool fish.  Just being out there was so much fun!

Another yummy seafood trio.

Baked Alaska

Assorted Cheeses

Cheesecake, yes again!

This cute bunny might have been one of my favorites!

May 26, 2012

Isla Roatan, Honduras, Cruise Day 5

Our third stop was in Honduras.  It was another beautiful place.  Everything was so green.  It was extremely humid there.  We walked to find our tour guide and then loaded in a van and headed for some fun!  
At the port of Mahogany Bay

 The green part on top is a cashew.  I never knew they grew on a fruit like that.  The juice from the fruit was pretty sweet, but the fruit itself was weird.  It kind of tasted like that taste you get if you bite a banana peel.  It left a weird dry taste in your mouth.  The cashew part of the fruit has to be boiled and peeled before you can eat it.  No wonder cashews are so expensive, they are a lot of work.  Cashews, mangos, coconut, and much more grow wild all over the island.  Yummy!

Perfect photo-op!

It's like a postcard!
 We got to the first part of our excursion which was to go on a zipline tour.  April and I were pretty nervous to do it.  I didn't want the line to break, or to fall, or or or....When we got there, we got fitted with harnessess, helmets, and gloves.  I think we did 11 different lines.  I ended up loving it!  It was such an exhilarating feeling.  I would definitely go again.

Don't we look good?!

DH was so excited and not scared at all.  Crazy man of mine!

I almost didn't post this, but had to prove that I actually did it.

April and Randy

I don't really love animals, bu this little monkey was so cute, I couldn't resist.
After we were done there, we went to the beach.  It was beautiful.  I love the beach!  I always have.  The water was clear, the sand was soft, the day was perfect!

I got my hair braided by this cute lady!  I'm so glad I did.  I didn't have to worry about my hair the rest of the time.  I even kept the braids in for about a week and half once we got back.   I might have to do it again.

Enjoying the fabulous Honduras sun!

I sure love this guy!

Another postcard photo!

Sailing away.

Mushroom Soup

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

Chocolate yumminess with an almond cookie and raspberry sherbet!

Classic apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

Hanging Monkey

What a day!