May 23, 2012

Day at Sea, Cruise Day 2

Our first full day on our cruise was a day at sea.  We walked around the ship and checked things out.  April and I wanted to lay on the deck and read books, while the men went to their rooms and watched t.v. and took naps.  The ship had a lot of entertainment.  We saw some pretty fun shows: dancing, singing, comedy, magic, and juggling.  Of course not all on the same night.  There was a ton to do.  I'm already ready to book another cruise.  I wonder when that will happen.
Our first formal dinner.

Alligator, this was actually pretty tasty.

Strawberry Cream Soup

Lobster and shrimp, YUM!

We are so lucky to have such good friends!  They were the perfect cruising buddies.

The waiters and waitresses did some singing and dancing.
Yummy caramel danish.

Our second animal, a cute elephant.

One of the many beautiful sunsets we saw!

Loved this day!

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